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H. B. Haggerty (1925-2004) was a professional wrestler and actor who appeared in The Muppet Movie as the lumberjack who hurls Kermit the Frog overhead in the El Sleezo Cafe.

Born Don Stansauk, he changed his name to Don Haggerty. After a stint as a professional football player with the Green Bay Packers, he entered wrestling and soon adopted the moniker "Hard Boiled Haggerty," which shortened to H. B., became his professional name for acting appearances. He wrestled for thirty five years, using a tough heel persona. This carried over into film and television, where with his imposing frame, bald head, and walrus moustache, he was frequently cast as thugs, guards, bullies, bikers, and inevitably, wrestlers.

Haggerty's movie credits include The Big Brawl (for Golden Harvest), Paint Your Wagon (with Clint Eastwood), Foxy Brown, Deathsport, Micki + Maude, and Million Dollar Mystery (as Awful Abdul). TV appearances included Buck Rogers in the 25th Century (recurring as a Tigerman), Get Smart (as an evil robot), Columbo, Electra Woman and Dyna Girl, The Bob Newhart Show (as an ex-con known as "The Hammer"), The Incredible Hulk, and Mr. Belvedere.

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