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HBO Max Sesame Street

Max (formerly known as HBO Max) is a streaming service launched on May 27, 2020, from WarnerMedia Entertainment.

In October 2019, Sesame Workshop announced that it would enter a five-year deal with the service, producing original content exclusively for the platform. Five new seasons of Sesame Street will make their debut on the service, beginning with Season 51.[1]

Sesame Workshop will also develop new programs for the service, including Sesame spin-offs The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo and Mecha Builders, plus animated and documentary series unrelated to the Sesame franchise. Annual Sesame Street specials, beginning with The Monster at the End of This Story, premiered on the service as well.[1] The short-form compilation series, My Sesame Street Friends, premiered on the service in November 2020.

The deal also includes legacy content including The Furchester Hotel and "a broad collection of Sesame Street episodes selected from the past 50 years – many available to the public on-demand for the first time ever."[1] Warner Media's April 21, 2020, press release announcing the service's debut on May 27 also noted that content from the Sesame Street library would be available at launch ("Highlights of the extensive WarnerMedia portfolio of programming and acquisitions that will be available on day one include the libraries of... Sesame Street"), but did not specify if the extent of coverage would go beyond what HBO On Demand has already made available.[2]

In a similar agreement to the deal made with HBO in 2015, all original Sesame content produced for the service will air on PBS as well at a later date[1] (while The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo initially re-aired on Cartoon Network).

Sesame Street episodes[]

HBO Max includes a number of Sesame Street episodes in its library, although not all 4,698 of them. Several episodes are new (βœ”) to the format that had not previously been released in a syndication package, physical home media, or distributed digitally.

HBO assigns their own numbers to the episodes, relative to the season they were produced for. These are non-reflective of the original episode numbers which are still shown on screen at the beginning of each episode.

On November 1, 2020, episodes that had been new to the platform at launch in May 2020 were merged with content previously available streaming on HBO (such as the Sesame Street Classics collection). For a period of time, Episode 3136 was incorrectly placed a second time in their season 31 listing. Episode 4085 was also placed a second time in their season 40 listing.

On August 19, 2022, all episodes from before Season 39 were removed, with the exceptions of seasons 1, 5, and 7.[3]

Episode New Added HBO Max Title
Episode 0001 X 2020-05-27 (s1) Gordon Introduces Sally to Sesame
Episode 0030 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s1) Granny Bird Visits
Episode 0056 X 2020-05-27 (s1) Mr. Hooper Bakes Oscar a Baked Bean Sandwich
Episode 0115 X 2020-05-27 (s1) Gordon, Susan, and the Kids Go on an Imaginary Car Ride
Episode 0123 X 2020-05-27 (s1) Big Bird Draws Letter R's
Episode 0131 X 2020-05-27 (s2) Oscar's Grandmother Visits
Episode 0265 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s2) Ice Cream Machine on Sesame Street
Episode 0276 X 2020-05-27 (s3) Big Bird Meets Mr. Snuffleupagus
Episode 0330 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s3) Fix-It Shop Opens
Episode 0349 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s3) Cookie Monster Makes Grouchy Food
Episode 0352 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s3) Cookie Monster Gets Amnesia
Episode 0359 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s3) Bert Leaves Ernie to Live with Big Bird and Oscar
Episode 0406 X 2020-05-27 (s4) Gordon and Susan Meet Sam the Robot
Episode 0484 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s4) Cookie Monster’s Birthday
Episode 0536 X 2020-05-27 (s5) Just Another Quiet Day on Sesame Street
Episode 0584 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s5) Cookie Monster’s Cousin Apple Monster Visits
Episode 0592 X 2020-05-27 (s5) A Cold Day on Sesame Street
Episode 0593 βœ” 2020-12-11 (s5) Heavy Snow Falls on Sesame Street
Episode 0594 βœ” 2020-12-08 (s5) Grover's Snow Friend
Episode 0595 βœ” 2020-12-08 (s5) Maria Prepares to Go Skiiing
Episode 0596 βœ” 2020-12-08 (s5) Oscar Imagines a Slippery Scenario
Episode 0597 X 2020-05-27 (s5) Shoveling Snow on Sesame Street
Episode 0598 X 2020-05-27 (s5) A Sesame Winter Wonderland
Episode 0599 βœ” 2020-12-11 (s5) Maria Borrows Oscar's Gloves
Episode 0600 X 2020-05-27 (s5) Big Bird Mails a Snowball
Episode 0637 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s5) Electric Company Meets Sesame Street
Episode 0666 X 2020-05-27 (s6) The Count Counts Streetlights
Episode 0725 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s6) Cookie Monster is in Charge of Hooper’s Store
Episode 0796 X 2020-05-27 (s7) Headline Howie Gets the Scoop on Snuffy
Episode 0797 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s7) Big Bird Runs for President
Episode 0832 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s7) Luis Hires Maria to Work at the Fix-It Shop
Episode 0833 βœ” 2020-12-08 (s7) Big Bird Makes Snowflakes
Episode 0834 βœ” 2020-12-11 (s5)[sic] Big Bird and Oscar Clear the Snow
Episode 0835 βœ” 2020-12-08 (s7) Freshly Fallen Snow on Sesame Street
Episode 0836 βœ” 2020-12-11 (s7) Sesame Street Hires Help to Shovel Snow
Episode 0837 βœ” 2020-12-08 (s7) Big Bird and Snuffy Make a Snowman
Episode 0838 βœ” 2020-12-14 (s5)[sic] Big Bird Warms Up Sesame Street
Episode 0839 βœ” 2020-12-11 (s7) Sesame Street is Frozen
Episode 0845 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s7) Mr. Hooper Goes Back to School
Episode 0900 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s7) Sing-Along in Ernie and Bert’s Bathroom
Episode 0926 X 2020-05-27 (s8) The 25th Anniversary of Hooper's Store
Episode 0930 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s8) Linda’s Birthday
Episode 0953 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s8) The Count Woos the Countess
Episode 0957 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s8) Oscar Welcomes Olivia to Sesame Street
Episode 0971 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s8) Oscar’s Home Video
Episode 1090 X 2020-05-27 (s9) Flying to Hawaii
Episode 1091 X 2020-05-27 (s9) Snuffy Arrives in Hawaii
Episode 1092 X 2020-05-27 (s9) Meeting Buffy's Friends
Episode 1093 X 2020-05-27 (s9) Big Bird and Snuffy Search for Mount Snuffleupagus
Episode 1094 X 2020-05-27 (s9) Mr. Hooper Learns to Surf
Episode 1095 X 2020-05-27 (s9) Farewell Luau
Episode 1148 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s9) James Earl Jones visits Hooper’s Store
Episode 1186 X 2020-05-27 (s10) Naming Barkley
Episode 1207 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s10) Bert Meets Bertha
Episode 1255 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s10) Big Bird Gets His Tonsils Removed
Episode 1257 X 2020-05-27 (s10) Telly Moves to Sesame Street
Episode 1261 X 2020-05-27 (s10) Herry Goes to the Eye Doctor
Episode 1262 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s10) A Movie is Being Filmed at Hooper’s Store
Episode 1316 X 2020-05-27 (s11) Maria's birthday in Puerto Rico
Episode 1317 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s11) Exploring in Puerto Rico
Episode 1318 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s11) Oscar and Osvaldo Go Trashing
Episode 1319 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s11) An Island Picnic in Puerto Rico
Episode 1320 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s11) Festival in Puerto Rico
Episode 1321 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s11) Home from Puerto Rico
Episode 1364 X 2020-05-27 (s11) R2-D2 and C-3PO Visit Sesame Street
Episode 1396 X 2020-05-27 (s11) R2-D2 and C-3PO Return to Sesame Street
Episode 1446 X 2020-05-27 (s12) Big Bird Goes to School
Episode 1463 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s12) Big Bird Becomes a Superhero
Episode 1570 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s12) Oscar Goes to Space
Episode 1575 X 2020-05-27 (s12) Mr. Rogers Visits
Episode 1576 X 2020-05-27 (s13) Birdwatchers
Episode 1706 X 2020-05-27 (s14) Big Bird Goes to Camp Echo Rock
Episode 1707 X 2020-05-27 (s14) Big Bird's First Day at Camp
Episode 1708 X 2020-05-27 (s14) Big Bird Gets a Postcard from Snuffy
Episode 1709 X 2020-05-27 (s14) Big Bird and the Camp Go for a Hike
Episode 1710 X 2020-05-27 (s14) Big Bird's Last Day at Camp Echo Rock
Episode 1808 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s14) Sesame Street Sing-Along
Episode 1836 X 2020-05-27 (s15) Gordon and Snuffy Run the NYC Marathon
Episode 1839 X 2020-05-27 (s15) Goodbye, Mr. Hooper
Episode 1854 X 2020-05-27 (s15) Snuffy Catches a Cold
Episode 1952 X 2020-05-27 (s15) Hooper's Has a Broken Window
Episode 1957 X 2020-05-27 (s15) Election Day on Sesame Street
Episode 2029 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s16) Big Bird Stays Up Late
Episode 2033 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s16) Cinderella on Sesame Street
Episode 2064 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s16) Sesame Street Pet Show
Episode 2096 X 2020-05-27 (s17) The Adults Meet Snuffy
Episode 2230 βœ” 2020-12-08 (s18) Another Cold Day on Sesame Street
Episode 2256 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s18) Elmo's New Doll
Episode 2356 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s19) Elmo, Gordon, and Miles Go to the Zoo
Episode 2410 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s19) Snuffy's Little Sister, Alice
Episode 2443 X 2020-05-27 (s19) Rooftop Sing-Along
Episode 2455 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s19) Maria and Luis Get Engaged
Episode 2484 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s19) Maria and Luis Prepare for Their Wedding
Episode 2485 X 2020-05-27 (s19) Maria and Luis Get Married
Episode 2496 X 2020-05-27 (s20) Maria and Luis Reminisce About Their Wedding
Episode 2506 X 2020-05-27 (s20) Singing Out of Tune
Episode 2590 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s20) Snuffleupagus Picnic in Central Park
Episode 2598 X 2020-05-27 (s20) Grandmothers on Sesame Street
Episode 2615 X 2020-05-27 (s20) Meet the Baby
Episode 2619 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s21) Sleepytime on Sesame Street
Episode 2648 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s21) Grouchytown
Episode 2746 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s22) Grouch Appreciation Day
Episode 2848 βœ” 2021-11-11 (s22) Elmo and his Friends Play Wubbaball
Episode 2850 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s22) Savion Gives Elmo His Old Tap Shoes
Episode 2874 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s22) A Day at Birdland
Episode 2888 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s23) Rosita's First Day on Sesame Street
Episode 2909 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s23) Baby Bear Hides from Goldilocks
Episode 2912 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s23) Slimey's at Worm School
Episode 2941 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s23) Elmo pretends he's a flower
Episode 3007 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s24) Snuffy Organizes the Snuffketeers
Episode 3043 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s24) Superhero Adventures
Episode 3061 X 2020-05-27 (s24) The Worm Winter Games
Episode 3136 X 2020-05-27 (s25) Around the Corner
Episode 3137 X 2020-05-27 (s25) Dancing Ruthie
Episode 3139 X 2020-05-27 (s25) Susan and Gordon Stay at the Furry Arms
Episode 3152 X 2020-05-27 (s25) Oscar and the Theme Song
Episode 3171 X 2020-05-27 (s25) The Grand High Triangle Lover's Success Story
Episode 3174 X 2020-05-27 (s25) Wanda the Word Fairy Visits
Episode 3226 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s25) The Martians Visit Sesame Street
Episode 3240 X 2020-05-27 (s25) Big Bird and Snuffy Add
Episode 3300 X 2020-05-27 (s26) The Worm Summer Games
Episode 3434 X 2020-05-27 (s27) Big Bird Has Birdy Pox
Episode 3435 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s27) Elmo and Rosita are Farming
Episode 3466 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s27) Rosita at the Furry Arms
Episode 3487 βœ” 2022-04-22 (s27) Tarah Sleeps Over at Gabi's
Episode 3502 X 2020-05-27 (s27) Big Bird Bowling Ball
Episode 3525 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s27) Shari Lewis and Lamb Chop Visit Sesame Street
Episode 3543 βœ” 2022-04-22 (s28) Tarah and Her Wheelchair
Episode 3557 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s28) Elmo's Wiggle
Episode 3564 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s28) Big Bird and the Cuckoos
Episode 3609 βœ” 2021-11-11 (s28) Oscar and Grundgetta Plan Their Wedding
Episode 3611 X 2020-05-27 (s28) The Art Dealer
Episode 3641 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s28) Many Monsters
Episode 3663 βœ” 2021-11-11 (s29) Elmo's Dream
Episode 3698 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s29) Slimey Goes Into Space
Episode 3721 X 2020-05-27 (s29) Big Bird Wants to be a Dancer
Episode 3722 X 2020-05-27 (s29) Snuffy Takes Tap
Episode 3725 X 2020-05-27 (s29) Prairie Dawn Gives Maria the Gift of Music
Episode 3764 βœ” 2022-04-22 (s29) Barkley Dances with Celina and the Kids
Episode 3778 X 2020-05-27 (s29) Telly and Baby Bear Camp Out on Mount Bear
Episode 3785 βœ” 2020-05-27 (s29) Slimey Returns from the Moon
Episode 3786 X 2020-05-27 (s30) Welcome Alan
Episode 3791 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s30) Maria Pet-Sits at the Fix-It Shop
Episode 3806 X 2022-04-22 (s30) Linda's Birthday Surprise
Episode 3810 X 2020-05-27 (s30) The Best Friends Pageant
Episode 3845 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s30) A Garden on Sesame Street
Episode 3846 X 2020-05-27 (s30) Rosita Can't Fly
Episode 3848 X 2022-04-22 (s30) Thank You Party for Barkley
Episode 3853 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s31) Elmo's Zoo
Episode 3855 X 2021-11-11 (s31) Barkley Does Not Want to Take a Bath
Episode 3879 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s31) Big Bird and Snuffy Explore Things That are Alive
Episode 3890 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s31) Baby Bear and the Monster Sing-along Party
Episode 3906 X 2020-05-27 (s31) Papa Bear's Perpetual Porridge Machine
Episode 3912 X 2021-11-11 (s31) Elmo in Numberland
Episode 3917 X 2020-05-27 (s32) Elmo Learns to Salsa
Episode 3943 X 2021-11-11 (s32) Everyone's Cooking on Sesame Street
Episode 3962 X 2022-04-22 (s32) Elmo Makes a Collage
Episode 3967 βœ” 2021-11-11 (s32) Gordon Ducksits for Rubber Duckie
Episode 3968 βœ” 2021-11-11 (s32) Rosita Draws Pictures of Her Friends
Episode 3976 X 2020-05-27 (s32) Preparing for a Hurricane on Sesame Street
Episode 3977 X 2020-05-27 (s32) Cleaning Up Sesame Street After the Hurricane
Episode 3978 X 2020-05-27 (s32) Big Bird Sleeps Over at Gabi's After the Hurricane
Episode 3979 X 2020-05-27 (s32) Building a New Nest for Big Bird
Episode 3980 X 2020-05-27 (s32) Welcome Home Big Bird
Episode 3983 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s33) Three Monster Girls Who Love to Sing
Episode 3999 X 2021-11-11 (s33) Ernie’s Rubber Duckie Loses its Squeak
Episode 4000 X 2020-05-27 (s33) Elmofante
Episode 4002 βœ” 2021-11-11 (s33) The Three Amigas
Episode 4013 X 2020-05-27 (s33) Making Pictures for Snuffy's Grandma
Episode 4032 βœ” 2022-01-28 (s34) Elmo Falls in Love with Gina
Episode 4034 βœ” 2022-04-22 (s34) Bert's Birthday
Episode 4045 X 2021-11-11 (s34) The Cookie Flu
Episode 4057 X 2021-11-11 (s35) The Street We Live On
Episode 4058 X 2021-11-11 (s35) Best Pet in the World
Episode 4060 X 2022-01-28 (s35) Alan’s Vacation Replacement
Episode 4063 X 2020-05-27 (s35) Elmo's Chicken Dream
Episode 4067 X 2022-04-22 (s35) The Cute But Not So Fuzzy Four
Episode 4071 X 2022-01-28 (s35) Professor Super Grover’s School for Super Heroes

HBO Max Originals[]

Former (removed August 19, 2022)

Additional Sesame Street content[]






  1. ↑ Ten episodes were removed in November 2020 and were reinstated (along with Episode 4092) the following January.
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