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During Sesame Street’s run on HBO, beginning in 2016, promotional spots were produced exclusively for the channel to advertise the premiere of an upcoming season or production. While many spots solely reuse existing content, the following list includes examples that feature newly filmed material with the Sesame Street Muppets and cast.

Image Title / Date Description



What's New
January 2016
As a preview for season 46, Elmo gives the viewer a tour of what's new on Sesame Street. This includes the overhauled Hooper's Store, where Ernie drives Alan crazy trying to decide what he wants to order.

In the closing group shot (which includes Grover and Cookie Monster), Elmo concludes his grand tour, and everyone waves goodbye. (YouTube)

12 Days
November 2016
The Sesame Street Muppets sing a unique version of "The Twelve Days of Christmas," promoting Once Upon a Sesame Street Christmas. (YouTube)

Season 47 Tease
November 2016
The camera pans over a line of Sesame Street Muppets who have their backs turned, muttering in excitement. Finally, Elmo turns around to proclaim "We're back, baby!" An announcer promotes the new season, describing it with several adjectives. Oscar pops up to add one more: stinky! (YouTube)
Elmo's World Returns
January 2017
This trailer for Season 47 incorporates outtake material, including an alternate panning shot of the Sesame Muppets doing the wave. (YouTube)
Meet Julia
April 2017
A behind-the-scenes featurette for Episode 4715. The promo is comprised of interviews, footage of the episode's filming, and a brief shot of Elmo introducing the viewer to Julia. Interviewees include Christine Ferraro, Brown Johnson, Jeanette Betancourt, Sherrie Westin, Louis Henry Mitchell and Stacey Gordon. A full 3 minute version and a 1 minute edit of the promo were created. (YouTube)
HBO: It's What Connects Us
April 2017
Big Bird, Elmo and Cookie Monster appear in brief clips among other HBO stars making the 'ahhh' sound, referencing the static logo that opens every program on the network.

When You Wish Upon a Pickle Trailer
October 2018
Ernie is seen watching a cereal commercial for UF-Ohs with the Martians. The ad is abruptly cut off by an infomercial hosted by Guy Smiley pitching the Wish Pickle. Elmo, Abby, and Bert, among others recite their wishes. (YouTube)
Season 49 Preview
November 2018
Abby finds Elmo, Grover and Cookie Monster playing with cardboard tubes, imagining themselves in different jobs. Abby decides to be an astronomer and uses her tube as a telescope, through which she sees her friends floating in space.

50th Anniversary Memories

In the weeks leading up to the HBO airings of Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration on November 9, 2019, and the show's 50th season the following week, the channel began airing special promos featuring Muppet characters on a backstage set, talking to an offscreen interviewer about their favorite Sesame Street memory. All of the promos were combined into a supercut video that was uploaded to the HBO YouTube channel on November 2. (YouTube) Many of the promos were published separately on Sesame’s various Facebook and Twitter accounts on November 9.

Image Character Description
Abby Cadabby Abby remembers the day she moved to Sesame Street, and the first person she ever met, Oscar the Grouch (referencing her debut appearance). Oscar pops in to tell Abby to speed things up as it's his turn to be interviewed.
Big Bird Big Bird recalls all the things he's learned on Sesame Street, including how to draw. He then shows a picture of Oscar he made.
Count von Count The Count checks his levels by counting to four, and then he counts in the interviewer before they start. The Count proceeds to count the many memories he has, which include driving the Countmobile and a visit from the Countess.
Ernie & Bert Bert thinks that Ernie's going to talk about the first time they met... until he starts naming several of the show's guest stars. Bert clarifies that he means when you and I met, which Ernie jokingly misinterprets as the letters U and I.
Grover Grover demonstrates being near the camera, appearing dark and out of focus, but is asked to sit in the chair so he'll be in the light. Grover reflects on the many jobs he's had over the years, and realizes he's never been an interviewer before. He then asks the offscreen interviewer what his favorite memories are.
Oscar the Grouch Oscar wonders where all the junk is, having misunderstood the term "junket." Oscar balks at sharing his happiest memory until Slimey pipes up "What about me?" Oscar briefly reminisces the good times they've had until he stops himself, realizing that he's been duped into talking about happy memories.
Rosita Rosita cites all the music from Sesame Street as her favorite memories, and she plays "Feliz Cumpleaños a Ti" on her guitar.
Rudy Rudy, briefly distracted by the chair he's sitting on, mentions meeting his cool sister Abby.
Mr. Snuffleupagus As Snuffy is about to be interviewed, a boom mike comes into view, which he mistakes for a snuffle. Snuffy has difficulty thinking of a memory, besides every moment he's spent with his best friend "Bird", but finally lands on dancing.
Zoe Zoe's favorite memory is laughing with her friends, including Rocco, who wishes Sesame Street a happy 50th birthday.

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