The Hall of Justice is the Fraggle equivalent of the Supreme Court.[1] The location is featured in the Fraggle Rock episode "I Don't Care."

When Red accidentally gets paint on Boober's blanket that he got from The Trash Heap, Boober becomes so enraged that he takes the case to the Fraggle Hall of Justice. Mokey "books" the Hall of Justice and Gobo acts as the chair for Boober's trail. The trial begins with the Fraggles swearing an oath (not the Solemn Fraggle Oath), in which they pledge "to never do bad things or act selfishly." This is followed by the ceremonial pie throw.


  1. Episode description on "Boober is given a lucky charm by the Trash Heap, which is accidentally destroyed by the others. The trouble this causes is so great they all wind up at the Fraggle equivalent of the Supreme Court."