DEBUT 2013

A Ham Actor appears in the "Elmo the Musical" segment, "Detective the Musical."

Residing in dressing room #6 at the 6th Street Theater, the melodramatic pig called Detective Elmo to report an atrocity: his replacement salt-and-pepper moustache is making him sneeze endlessly, which will ruin his performance (especially with a critic in the audience). Elmo finds his new moustache is laced with actual pepper. The pig recalls that instead of his regular costumer, a boxy-fellow dropped it off instead. Since he disappeared just as Elmo arrived, he deduces the culprit's still somewhere in the building.

They spot The Cube behind Velvet and he confesses, wishing to be needed. The pig and Elmo lead a song, naming all the different types of cubes found all around them. It turns out The Cube is actually a tissue box, which pleases the pig and he blows his nose with one.

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