The Hamertje Tik Jubileumkwis (Hammer Tick Anniversary Quiz) is a special 60-minute episode of Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. It aired in December 2001.

The anniversary quiz wrapped up the 25th anniversary season. Each weekend, a Dutch celebrity would visit the street to take place in the framing street stories and read a story in the end.

Tommie, Ieniemienie and Pino compete against each other to win a Golden Video Tape, with Lot as the game show host. Spoofing the Dutch gameshow "Kopspijkers" (where contestants have to hit a nail with a hammer after each right answer), the three friends have to answer trivia questions about the visitors from the previous season.

The game show ends as a tie, and the three contestants decide to watch the Golden Video Tape together: it contains the 25th anniversary special, Het Ei.


  • Wim Kok (Prime Minister)
  • Freek de Jonge (cabaretier)
  • Ruud Gullit (soccer player)
  • Andre van Duin (comedian)
  • Mary Dresselhuijs (actress)
  • Emmy Verhey (violinist)
  • Gerard Spong (lawyer)
  • Arnold Heertje (economist)
  • Cor Bakker (pianist)
  • Ilse de Lange (singer)
  • Kees van Kooten (actor/writer)
  • Remco Campert (writer)
  • Brigitte Kaandorp (cabaretier)
  • Henny Vrienten (songwriter/singer)
  • Adele Bloemendaal (actress)
  • Anton Geesink (judoka)
  • Denise Jannah (jazz singer)
  • Sonja Barend (talk show host)
  • Aldith Hunkar (newscast for the Youth News)
  • Wim T. Schippers (artist and voice of Ernie/Kermit/the Count)
  • Job Cohen (Mayor of Amsterdam)
  • Paul Huf (photographer)
  • Jet Boeke (writer/illustrator of the Dikkie Dik books)
  • The winner of the Reading Out Loud Championship
  • Jard van Nes (classical soprano)