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DEBUT 2005

Hansel and Gretel, of the famous Grimm's fairy tale, have made recurring appearances on Sesame Street over the years. The Sesame versions of the characters are eccentric Anything Muppet children dressed in lederhosen who speak in thick German accents.

In their earliest appearances, Hansel and Gretel would occasionally make statements in unison with an accented clap (e.g. "We just want to throw *clap* breadcrumbs!"), referencing Hans and Franz's "pump you up" catchphrase from Saturday Night Live. They love constantly throwing breadcrumbs, and like in the fairy tale, they often leave a trail of them to find their way back home. They note how foolproof their plan is, not realizing that a bird is close by munching on their breadcrumbs.

Hansel and Gretel first appeared in Episode 4093 (season 36), where they are seen attending the Storybook Community School along with Baby Bear and other famous literary characters. The duo also appeared in a Healthy Storybook Moment in season 37. The segment departs from the normal story in that they favor eating their own breadcrumbs rather than the witch's house of sweets. In Episode 4303, Hansel and Gretel arrange a playdate with Big Bird, but they become preoccupied with leaving a trail extending from the subway station to Big Bird's nest so they can find their way back.

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