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Release Date 2005
Produced by Sony Wonder
Catalogue no. LVD 58691
Format DVD
Discs 1
Region 1

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Happy Healthy Monsters is a 2005 Sesame Street direct-to-video release, and part of Sesame Workshop's "Healthy Habits for Life" initiative.

Elmo and Zoe watch and jump along to the Happy Healthy Monsters Network, hosted by Grover and his exercise assistant, Bobby and Sissy, with announcer Fred Willard. The network airs Grover's exercise show "Fuzzy and Blue, and Healthy Too!" and segments promoting exercise and healthy eating habits. Guest stars include India.Arie, Andy Richter, Wyclef Jean, and Dan Zanes.


Image Segment Description
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FRAME 1 The video starts off with the "Happy Healthy Monsters" network playing on the TV, where a group of AM Monsters (including Googel, Narf and a modified Phoebe) sing a jingle about it.

Coming up on the network is "Fuzzy and Blue And Healthy Too!", which Elmo, Zoe and a bunch of kids gather around to watch in a living room.

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FRAME 2 In the program, Grover, alongside his exercise assistants Bobby and Sissy welcome the viewer to the program and start the show off with a warm up.

Now ready for the program, Grover segues into the first activity - jumping. (to which he mistakes for others, such as deep-sea diving), and even claiming that it can help little people grow taller, to which Bobby and Sissy correct him, mentioning the actual benefits of building stronger bones and muscles.

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FRAME 2 (CON'T) Continuing on, Grover puts the activity with music and continues getting everyone to jump along in song.

As the song concludes, Grover gets tired out, commenting the importance of taking a break from workouts, bringing the program over to a break.

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FRAME 3 During the break, a short announcement is made to encourage Elmo, Zoe and the kids to keep jumping, leading to the next short...
Film The letters J-U-M-P jump to a song.
(First: Episode 3528)
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FRAME 4 Bobby and Sissy return with a fun fact - that a heart is also a muscle, and encourage the viewer to try feeling their heartbeat while resting, to which Andy Richter comes in to demonstrate.

Following that, he proceeds to show the viewer the rate of heartbeats when exercising and relaxing.

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FRAME 5 "Fuzzy and Blue and Healthy Too!" is sponsered by "The Jumping Council", with its additional message prompting Elmo, Zoe and the kids to continue jumping once more.
Film Dan Zanes and friends perform “Jump Up."
(First: Episode 4064)
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FRAME 6 Back to the show, Grover has always wanted to jump over the moon, as inspired from the nursery rhyme, "Hey Diddle Diddle", and having known how to jump, he decides to give it a go with great confidence, only to fail.

Hence, Grover tries a different formula to jump, by starting out with smaller animals (such as frogs) and then onto larger animals (such as a kangaroo). With the method gone over, Grover tries out one more time, with a visual aid of a cow. However, the given picture of the cow just stays still, much to Grover's annoyance, until the very cow that jumps over the moon comes onto the show herself to demonstrate, whilst breaking the studio in the midst.

Figuring that she could take a while to come back down, Grover brings the show over to another commercial break, just when the cow comes back down, landing onto Grover, not having made it to the moon this time.

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Celebrity India.Arie sings a jumping song with a rabbit, monkey, frog, and Horatio the Elephant.
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FRAME 7 Another version of the opening jingle plays, introducing the "Happy Healthy Monsters Network" as the "all moving, all grooving, all running, all funny, all jumping, all bumping place to be."
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FRAME 8 Back on the show, Grover is ready for a healthy snack from the program's official cook, which to his surprise, is Cookie Monster. Grover tries to emphasize to Cookie that they are supposed to be having a healthy snack, noting that healthy eating is not the best thing to associate him with. (as based on his memory of Cookie's heavy diet of them via archived clips)

However, Cookie comes in to change Grover's doubts with a clip...

Celebrity/Muppets Wyclef Jean and Cookie Monster rap "Healthy Food".
(First: Episode 4085)
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FRAME 9 Following the clip, Grover gets impressed at Cookie's knowledge on healthy eating. This prompts Cookie over to present today's healthy snack, a glass of milk, which is later revealed as an expert to explain all the nutritional benefits of drinking milk.

However, that glass of milk also proves to be a very good jumper, only because she came from the cow that jumped over the moon. Meanwhile, Cookie's temptation for the glass of milk gets irresistible to the point that he chases after her.

Soon enough, the cow returns and lands on Grover again, only having to try another attempt. She later runs into Grover once more as she spots the glass of milk getting chased, resulting in Grover to call in on another commercial break.

Film Chundo, one of Wegman's dogs, drinks milk from a glass.
(First: Episode 3545)
(new sound effects added)
FRAME 10 Bobby, Sissy and Andy Ritcher share another health fact, in which there are more healthy foods to eat besides milk, all of them which start showing up one by one on Andy's arms.
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FRAME 11 Cookie Monster returns with the tasty tidbit of the day: Try fruits for a healthy snack.
Film Joe Raposo sings "What Do You Do With a Fruit?"
(First: Episode 2050)
(edited with new borders)
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FRAME 12 Back on the program, Grover with Bobby and Sissy show the many other ways to exercise besides jumping, including jogging, swimming and dancing.

To get jumping involved in dancing, Grover calls for a conga dance to follow along, while also getting the cow involved as well who accidentally steps Grover on his foot, causing him to hop in pain and Bobby and Sissy to follow suit and fall to the floor. As a result, Grover calls in for another break and gets enraged to get the cow out of the studio.

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FRAME 13 Bobby, Sissy and Andy recap the many ways to move your body, with Andy suggesting one way - playing a game of tag.

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Animation Some "couch potatoes" get some exercise through various outdoor activities.
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FRAME 14 A series of sports and exercise clips are played as a network message: "Just Move It!"
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FRAME 15 Back to the show, Grover decides not to jump over the moon for himself and instead, demonstrates to the viewers meditation, and to imagine jumping high up into space...
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FRAME 16 "Planets, Moon and Stars" (New version by Grover, Elmo, Zoe and the Kids)
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FRAME 17 Following the meditation, Grover feels proud of having jumped over the moon through his imagination and congratulates the viewer for completing the full workout. As the show concludes, Grover signs off, only to later notice the cow falling back down, having given jumping lessons to Bobby and Sissy who later crash onto Grover, only for Grover to comment disappointingly, "I am not fitter enough for this..." as he leaves the set.

After Elmo turns off the TV, he joins Zoe and the Kids outdoors for some exercise.

DVD Chapters

  1. Happy Healthy Monsters Network
  2. Fuzzy and Blue, and Healthy Too!
  3. Learning to Jump
  4. Jump to the Rhythm
  5. Jump at the Beach
  6. Heart Smart with Andy Richter
  7. Jump Up Song with Dan Zanes
  8. When Animals Jump
  9. Jump with India.Arie
  10. Chef Cookie Monster
  11. Healthy Foods with Cookie Monster and Wyclef Jean
  12. The Milk Expert
  13. Food for Thought with Andy Richter
  14. What Do You Do With a Fruit?
  15. More Fun Ways to Move
  16. Super Ways to Move with Andy Richter
  17. Couch Potatoes
  18. Planets, Moon and Stars

Bonus features

  • Chef Cookie Game
  • Healthy Foods Coloring Sheet DVD-ROM
  • Sesame Street shorts: Let's Talk About Healthy Foods!, Cookie Monster's Food Song, Dancing With Elmo!


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