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Happy Healthy Monsters titlecard.jpg

Happy Healthy Monsters is a 2005 Sesame Street direct-to-video release, and part of Sesame Workshop's "Healthy Habits for Life" initiative.

Elmo and Zoe watch and jump along to the Happy Healthy Monsters Network, hosted by Grover and his exercise assistants, Bobby and Sissy. The network airs Grover's exercise show "Fuzzy and Blue, and Healthy Too!" and segments promoting exercise and healthy eating habits. Guest stars include Fred Willard, Andy Richter, India.Arie, and Wyclef Jean.


Image Segment Description
HHM 01a.jpg

HHM 01b.jpg
FRAME 1 An announcer (Fred Willard) presents the Happy Healthy Monsters network. A chorus of AM Monsters (including Googel, Narf, and Phoebe with an altered design) sing a jingle about how they stay happy and healthy. The announcer teases the next program, Fuzzy and Blue and Healthy Too. Elmo is seen watching the network on a Nologo TV in a living room, and he calls in Zoe and some kids as the show begins.
HHM 01c.jpg

HHM 01d.jpg
FRAME 1 cont'd Host Grover, backed by Bobby and Sissy, sing the show's theme song: an aerobic disco version of "Fuzzy and Blue." Grover and friends first do some warm-up exercises, which include marching in place and stepping side-to-side. Elmo, Zoe, and the kids follow along. Then, Grover begins the workout proper with an "uppy-downy" movement. Bobby and Sissy help better explain and demonstrate jumping. Grover then calls for music, and everyone hops along to a jumping song. Grover eventually tires out, and Bobby and Sissy call for a commercial break.
HHM 01e.jpg
FRAME 1 cont'd A voiceover (Jennifer Barnhart) directs the viewers to jump to help strengthen muscles and bones.
Film The letters J-U-M-P jump to a song.
(First: Episode 3528)
HHM 02a.jpg

HHM 02b.jpg
FRAME 2 Bobby and Sissy explain that, like other muscles, the heart can get super strong from jumping. Andy Richter shows the viewers the places where they can feel their heartbeat. Bobby instructs Andy to jump around at a fast pace to attain a faster, and stronger, heartbeat. A worn-out Andy rests his arms on top of Bobby and Sissy. The announcer mentions that this portion of the program is presented by The Jumping Council.
Song Dan Zanes and friends sing "Jump Up."
(First: Episode 4064)
HHM 03a.jpg

HHM 03b.jpg
FRAME 3 Grover reveals that he's always dreamt of jumping over the moon, like the cow from "Hey Diddle Diddle," and now he finally feels the gusto to try it. He has the viewers jump to the moon with him, but they're unsuccessful. Grover thinks they can jump like a cow if they copy smaller animals first. Grover observes animals that he refers to as the "hopalong" (frog) and the "pouchiroo" (kangaroo), and he and the viewers imitate their jumping motions. Grover moves on to a real cow, which, to his frustration, doesn't jump at all.
HHM 03c.jpg

HHM 03d.jpg
FRAME 3 cont'd The world-famous cow from "Hey Diddle Diddle" arrives and clarifies that she's the only one of her kind who can jump. Grover pleads with the cow to teach him her ways, so she shows her jumping technique and busts through the ceiling of the studio (which Grover points out is rented). He calls for another break while they wait for the cow, who quickly lands on top of him, having not jumped high enough to make it to the moon.
HHM JumpWithMe.jpg
Muppets / Celebrity India.Arie sings a jumping song and is joined by some wild animals; a rabbit (Barnhart), a frog (Kevin Clash), a monkey (David Rudman), and a jump-happy elephant.
HHM 04a.jpg
FRAME 4 The AM Monsters return for another station break and demonstrate the motions spoken by the announcer.
HHM 04b.jpg

HHM 04c.jpg
FRAME 4 cont'd Grover is hungry for a healthy snack and goes to see the show's cook, who turns out to be Cookie Monster! Despite Cookie being fuzzy and blue, Grover is doubtful of his healthy-eating prowess due to his history of primarily consuming cookies (shown via a clip montage in a thought balloon). Cookie proves him wrong by showing him a video.
Muppets / Celebrity Cookie Monster and Wyclef Jean sing "Healthy Food."
(First: Episode 4085)
HHM 05a.jpg

HHM 05b.jpg
FRAME 5 Grover is impressed, and Cookie proceeds to unveil today's healthy snack: a glass of milk (Barnhart). The milk lists her salubrious benefits, while Cookie can barely contain how quenched he is for the refreshing beverage. Grover points out that jumping has similar healthy values. Jumping comes easy for the milk, as she came from a world-class jumping cow. Cookie finally exclaims "COW-ABUNGA!!!" and chases after the milk. Soon after, the cow falls on Grover again in another attempt to get to the moon. Grover chides the cow for her crash-landings, and then he gets trampled when she joins the chase. Elmo, Zoe, and the kids are seen drinking milk while the announcer segues to another break.
Film Chundo, one of Wegman's dogs, drinks milk from a glass.
(First: Episode 3545)
(new sound effects added)
FRAME 6 Bobby and Sissy hype the nutritional value of several foods, which magically pile up in Andy's arms. Bobby also mentions legumes, which rain on Andy every time he says the word.
HHM 06.jpg
FRAME 6 cont'd Cookie Monster promotes fruit, and demonstrates its use by gobbling gobs of it (underscored by Mozart's Piano Sonata No. 11).
Song Joe Raposo sings "What Do You Do With a Fruit?"
(First: Episode 2050)
(new borders added)
HHM 07a.jpg

HHM 07b.jpg
FRAME 7 Grover, Bobby, and Sissy are back to move and groove some more. Grover tries to jog his memory of exercises, which inadvertently gives them the idea to jog in place. Next, they pretend to swim, and Grover shows off his swimming motions until he injures himself on his dive. They then move on to dancing and do some wild dances. Grover starts a conga and works in some jumping. The jumping cow joins in their conga line and accidentally steps on Grover's feet. Grover holds up his foot in pain and falls over, which Bobby and Sissy copy as a dance. As Grover cues another break, he yells for the cow to be kicked out. Offended, the cow shows herself out, bumping into Grover in the process.
HHM 07c.jpg
FRAME 7 cont'd Bobby and Sissy recommend other "super good" body exercises. Andy adds another: playing tag!
HMM Potatoes.jpg
Animation Fran Brill narrates as two "couch potatoes" go outside and get moving.
HMM JustMoveIt.jpg
Montage Clips from Sesame Street and sports stock footage are set to the "Ride of the Valkyries" with the slogan: "Just move it!"
HHM 08a.jpg

HHM 08b.jpg
FRAME 8 Grover finally concedes that he won't be jumping over the moon anytime soon, as he's too tired anyhow. Luckily, he'll be showing the viewers how to exercise their minds while resting their bodies. He instructs them to sit still, close their eyes, and envision outer space.
HHM 08c.jpg

HHM 08d.jpg
FRAME 8 cont'd Grover, Elmo, Zoe, and the kids sing about the planets, moon, and stars as they imagine floating amongst them.
HHM 08e.jpg

HHM 08f.jpg
FRAME 8 cont'd Grover feels proud that he could finally jump over the moon, even if just in his imagination, and he congratulates the viewers for completing the workout. As Grover signs off, the jumping cow falls, this time not landing on Grover, and mentions that she was giving lessons. Her students, Bobby and Sissy, land on Grover instead. Elmo turns the TV off and rallies the others to go outside and get some exercise.


DVD Chapters

  1. Happy Healthy Monsters Network
  2. Fuzzy and Blue, and Healthy Too!
  3. Learning to Jump
  4. Jump to the Rhythm
  5. Jump at the Beach
  6. Heart Smart with Andy Richter
  7. Jump Up Song with Dan Zanes
  8. When Animals Jump
  9. Jump with India.Arie
  10. Chef Cookie Monster
  11. Healthy Foods with Cookie Monster and Wyclef Jean
  12. The Milk Expert
  13. Food for Thought with Andy Richter
  14. What Do You Do With a Fruit?
  15. More Fun Ways to Move
  16. Super Ways to Move with Andy Richter
  17. Couch Potatoes
  18. Planets, Moon and Stars

Bonus features

  • Chef Cookie Game
  • Healthy Foods Coloring Sheet DVD-ROM
  • Sesame Street shorts: Let's Talk About Healthy Foods!, Cookie Monster's Food Song, Dancing With Elmo!



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