USJ Sesame Street Happy Surprise

USJ Sesame Street Happy Surprise

Happy Surprise is a live Sesame Street attraction at Universal Studios Japan. The show premiered in February, 2011.[1]

The show introduces Moppy, a "new friend from Sesame Street", a pink monster with light purple spots who was made for and appears exclusively at Universal Studios Japan theme park. Moppy is described in oddly translated Japanese on one site as being "connected to the left heart in hearts, the dream of a star on the right mark."[2] Moppy first appears in Elmo's mirror, and Elmo invites Moppy out to meet his friends.

Part of the show involves learning the dance to USJ's official 10th anniversary song, "GOOD LUCKY!!!!!" by popular Japanese pop group GReeeeN. In another section, Ernie and Bert appear behind a screen with shadow puppeteers to make surprising images of animals.


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