Harold Gould in 1988

Harold Gould (1923-2010) was a venerable character actor known for his distinguished appearance and smooth voice. He played paternal roles and authority figures for more than forty years. In keeping with his typical roles, he supplied the voice for the Dinosaur Chief in the Dinosaurs episode "Hurling Day" (and later supplied narration as another aged tribal chief in the Disney animated feature Brother Bear).

Originally a dramatic teacher with a Ph.D., teaching speech and drama at Cornell University, Gould put his pedagogy into practice as a full time performer in the 1950s, and soon began making television appearances on The Twilight Zone, Dennis the Menace, and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. Gould may be best known for playing Martin Morgenstern, on-screen husband to Nancy Walker and father to Valerie Harper (as Rhoda) on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and the spin-off Rhoda. He was also a semi-regular on The Golden Girls as Rose's boyfriend Miles Webber.

Though most familiar from scores of television roles (including Albert Einstein in an episode of Touched by an Angel), Gould was also very active in films, including Mel Brooks' Silent Movie, The Sting (as dapper con artist Kid Twist, with Charles Durning), the 1974 remake of The Front Page, Stuart Little, Patch Adams, the 2003 version of Freaky Friday, and the 2005 independent film English as a Second Language.

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