PERFORMER Louise Gold Harriet Hare
  Martin P. Robinson Herbert Hare
PATTERN Reddish-Magenta, Harriet
Lavender, Herbert

Harriet and Herbert Hare are a rabbit couple who are guests on an episode of "Alphabet Chat" (hosted by Mr. Chatterly) on Sesame Street.

In a discussion on the letter H, Harriet and Herbert admit that they used to hoot, howl, and hop. "It was horrible!" recalls Herbert. Thanks to the "Helping Hands for Hares" organization, the Hares ceased their odd behavior...until Mr. Chatterly reminds them that hares are supposed to hop. With renewed confidence, the Hares were allowed to begin hopping again on Chatterly's show. They get so carried away that they begin hooting and howling again, and turning the show into a mess.

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