During the early years, Harvey Kneeslapper pulled a lot of pranks on others. He probably rivaled Ernie as Sesame Street's practical joker.

Individual Skits

  • Do You Know Where I Wanna B?
Harvey Kneeslapper asks a man, "Do you know whre I wanna B?" The man doesn't know. Harvey says, "I wanna B right here!", and then slaps a B onto the victims chest.
  • Picture of U
Harvey Kneeslapper goes to Fat Blue and asks, "Can I take a picture of U? Fat Blue gives him permission, but Harvey tells him that his shoes are untied, and when Fat Blue looks down, Harvey slaps the letter U on top of Fat Blue's head and takes a picture of it.
  • Harvey Kneeslapper and The Pogo Stick
Harvey Kneeslapper is bounching on a pogo stick. A muppet walks up to him and comments on the pogo stick, saying that he'd like to try it. Harvey asks him, You want two?
  • Do Ya Got an A on Ya?
Harvey Kneeslapper asks a passerby if he has an A on him. The passerby doesn't, so Harvey puts one on him.
  • X Marks The Spot
Harvey Kneeslapper puts a letter X on Fat Blue.
  • Toys in The Closet
Part 1
Harvey Kneeslapper fills up his closet with so many toys that when somebody opens it, all of the toys in the closet will fall on that person.
Part 2
Harvey's prank has backfired. Instead of toys falling, the closet leads to another place.
Part 3
Harvey is annoyed over his prank backfiring so he opens the door and get's what he deserves.
  • Wanna C?
Harvey Kneeslapper looks inside a paper bag and laughs and asks his next victim if he wants a C.
  • Ya Want One?
Harvey Kneeslapper holds a cookie and asks his next victim if he wants one. It's better to just say no.
  • Harvey Kneeslapper and The Mail Man
Harvey Kneeslapper tells the mail man that he has a letter for his mother: the letter R! (Note: A similar practical joke was pulled in The Muppet Show Episode 115: Candice Bergan, which also included the letter R and was pulled by another Frank Oz character, Fozzie Bear)
  • Harvey Kneeslapper and his joy buzzer
Harvey Kneslapper explains to the audience that he is holding a joy buzzer in his hand and plans on asking somebody to give him a five, shocking his victims hand. However, when he asks a victim Gimmie Five!, his victim slaps a number five on him.
  • Wanna see something funny?
In the park, Harvey Kneeslapper plans to ask a man, "Wanna see something funny?" then hold up a mirror in front of the man. Instead, the man laughs at Harvey's funny face.
  • Confetti gag
Harvey Kneeslapper sets up a bucket of confetti on top of a partially opened door, so that whoever goes through the door will get the confetti dumped on them. Instead, a little girl walks by and closes the door, so that the confetti lands on Harvey!
  • Man In Snowstorm
Part 1
Kermit has gotten a phone call about there being a man who is standing out in a terrible snow storm, and Kermit wants to find that man and interview him.
Part 2
Kermit is still looking for the man.
Part 3
Harvey Kneeslapper informs Kermit that he is the one who made the call, which was a prank call. As it turns out, Kermit was the man standing out in the storm.
3 sticks
Harvey is watching three sticks on a brick wall when a man shows up and says "3 sticks where?" Then Harvey says "3 sticks right here!" and throws a number 3 on the man's head.
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