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DEBUT 1975

An animated Harvey figurehead on the YouTube video Find Rainbow with Elmo and Abby.

Harvey Monster is a dark blue Anything Monster with yellow horns, black eyebrows, and a pink nose. He appeared on Sesame Street starting in 1975. Harvey has been part of the chorus in several songs, as listed below. He was also featured in a 1979 sketch where an Anything Muppet friend of his looks for him at the lost and found. This is where he received his name. (First: Episode 1308)

While the earliest prototype, as seen on the cover of The Sesame Street Monsters! was a standard Fat Blue pattern with features added, the later Harvey (an AM monster) was a variation; instead of a slitted mouth, Harvey's mouth operated like a hinge, opening out from his face when speaking. An earlier version using this puppet also had a different face, with white eyes, no horns, and square teethβ€”one on each jaw.

Harvey has been performed by many different performers over the years, including Jim Henson ("We're All Monsters," "Me Claudius," The Four Winds, and the Monster Marching Band sketch), Richard Hunt (The Lost and Found sketch and "Near Far Monsters"), Frank Oz ("I'm Between") and Jerry Nelson ("Beginning, Middle, End").

A figurehead monster of him appears on the YouTube video about finding Rainbow objects.


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