Written by Joe Raposo
Date 1971
Publisher Green Fox Music Inc.
Wizzybus Music Inc.
First Episode 0260

"Has Anybody Seen My Dog?" is a song by Grover and Marty, which appeared on Sesame Street in season 2.

In the song, when Grover tries to find Marty's dog, he instead brings him other animals including a cat, pig, fish, monkey, and a rabbit (all made from Anything Muppets). Finally giving up, they hug each other and cry, thinking the dog is lost forever, until his dog (a real dog) shows up at the end, much to Marty's joy and Grover's confusion.

Oscar the Grouch performed a variation of the song in Episode 0523, having lost Slimey the Worm, and Telly Monster sings it in Episode 2207.


  • In the album version, he brings him a cat, lamb, pig, cow, and a duck.



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