Hawaii Five-O is a police drama that originally ran on CBS from 1968 to 1980. A reboot of the show began in 2010.



  • Reza Badiyi directed the opening montages (credited as title visualization) for the original series (1968-1980)and directed eight episodes (1969-1979)
  • Bruce Bilson directed nine episodes (1974-1976)
  • Emilio Delgado played Vic Salazar in "The Ninth Step" (1977)
  • Pat Hingle played Dr. Grant Ormsbee in "The Defector" (1975), "Man on Fire" (1976), and "To Kill a Mind" (1977)
  • Jim Hutchison played an army major in "R & R & R" (1972), a hotel clerk in "'V' for Vashon: The Patriarch" (1972), and Carl Magruder in "A Short Walk on the Longshore" (1978)
  • Frank Kane played Eldon in "Heads, You're Dead" (1976)
  • Casey Kasem played Freddie Dryden in "Mother's Deadly Helper" and Swift in "Steal Now - Pay Later" (both 1974)
  • Rich Little played Johnny Kling in "The Bells Toll at Noon" (1977)
  • Leslie Nielsen played Brent in the 1968 pilot (re-edited as "Cocoon," 1969) and Col. Farraday in "We Hang Our Own" (1974)
  • John Ritter played Ryan Moore in "Two Doves and Mr. Heron" (1971) and Mike Welles in "Dealer's Choice... Blackmail" (1977)
  • William Schallert played Defense Counsel Herbert in "Once Upon a Time" (parts 1-2, 1969) and Craig Wilkie in "The Double Wall" (1970)
  • Loretta Swit played Anna in "A Thousand Pardons - You're Dead!" (1969), Wanda Russell in "Three Dead Cows at Makapuu" (parts 1-2, 1970), and Betty in "Bait Once, Bait Twice" (1972)
  • Brian Tochi played Joey Lee in "The Pagoda Plan" and "Number One with a Bullet" (parts 1-2, 1978-1979)
  • Paul Williams co-wrote the episode "Stringer" (1979) and played Tim Powers, the stringer of the title
  • Bryant Young played Yoshi in "Heads, You're Dead" (1976)
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