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Heaven is the paradise available in the afterlife according to Christian theology. It is also the home of The Boss, Daniel, Glenn, and assorted angels in It's a Very Merry Muppet Christmas Movie. This version of Heaven consists largely of a shining white office space, full of cubicles and computers where angels do their work beneath a cloud ceiling. A door leads to the Boss' private sanctum: a pastoral valley full of flowers, green grass, a Jurassic butterfly, and a couch strategically located to view the affairs of the world (or SpongeBob).

A more traditional Heaven is glimpsed in The StoryTeller episode "The Soldier and Death" (which also appears in illustrated form by Darcy May in the book adaptation), while a theatrical representation is seen on The Muppet Show for the number "Great Day".

The Dinosaurs episode "The Last Temptation of Ethyl" features a version of heaven, referred to simply as "The Afterlife." Ethyl is transported there after a near death experience but is returned to Pangaea since it's not yet her time. After Ethyl starts "pushing the Afterlife," she returns a second time and Grandpa Louie warns her that she could go somewhere "not so nice," a personal hell consisting of dozens of Earl clones.

Minor references

  • In an outtake from Letters to Santa, Kermit walks through his apartment door into a stage light and says, "Oh look, it's heaven!"


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