Held (Hero) is a Sesamstraat episode that first aired on 10 October 2012. It's the 29th episode of the show's 37th season.

Picture Segment Description
Purk is a tiger1

Purk is a tiger2

Pino, Tommie and Ieniemienie are playing with baby Purk, who pretends to be a big, terrible tiger on the loose. To Buurman Baasje she's nothing more than a little pig and he makes it clear that he isn't afraid of her at all. Until she fouls her diaper, which causes him to run off in fear.


Poem about a shark, accompanied with cartoon images. (Voice-over by Arjan.)


Marshal Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse spot a kitty stuck in a tree. Grover tries to find ways to get the kitty down such as shaking the tree trunk. He finally came to the conclusion that to get the kitty down, Grover would climb up the tree to bring it down. However, Fred had another idea to bring the kitty down by calling the kitty by saying "Kitty" and the kitty came down. Now that the kitty is down, how is Marshal Grover going to get down from the tree?

Girl riding horse
Kindergarten kids

Frank riding horseback with children.


Prairie Dawn and The Oinker Sisters sing "All By Myself."

Ienie poem dragon

Ieniemienie recites a poem about a large green dragon.

Mano ball of paper

Mano spots a ball of paper on the ground and throws it into a garbage can that turns out to be much deeper than it looks.

Kingston dancing different

Kingston Livingston III doesn't mind that he dances in a different way that the people around him, and they don't either.

Ik weet heus wel waar ik woon

"Ik weet heus wel waar ik woon," sung by Pino.

Angsthaas&Stuntkip - Korneel Evers - escalator

Angsthaas&Stuntkip - Korneel Evers
Angsthaas and Stuntkip Stuntkip wants to buy a helmet at a department store. Helmets are for sale on the second floor, so she has to use the escalator. Angsthaas says escalators are life threatening because one might fall down from them, or even worse, disappear under the floor if one doesn't step off of them in time. Stuntkip decides to use the escalator anyhow. As Angsthaas steps closer to the escalator to point out how fast it goes, a tough man in a leather jacket enters. Angsthaas is in his way, and the man pushes him onto the escalator against his will.
Girl walking up mountain
Stop motion

A girl called Lianne is proud that she climbed to the top of a mountain without her parents having to carry her.

Pino Tommie Ienie want to swim

Pino, Tommie and Ieniemienie want to go swimming with Aart, because they're not allowed to do so on their own. Since Aart is a little afraid of the sea, Lot hands him a rubber ring.

Girl wanting to dive

A girl wants to dive off of a springboard, but she hangs back from doing so at first.

Elmo flying

Elmo sings about flying high in the sky.

Lot reading Spookje1

Lot reading Spookje2
Bedtime story

Lot reads four children a story about Spookje, a young ghost who wants to haunt at night just like his father.