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"Hello" is a short audio skit that welcomes listeners to Sesame Street.

A key moment in Sesame Street's history was the release and marketing of the show's educational and entertaining musical content in the form of albums and singles. "Hello" was an audio skit featured on the first Sesame Street single released in 1970. The skit introduces the main street characters to listeners who may not be familiar with the show or its characters. This rare skit was included as the B-side to the Sesame Street Theme Song on a 45 single (CC 75001) and has never been made available or re-released on any other album or single.

The rare track includes Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, Bob, Gordon, Susan and Mr. Hooper greeting the listener and welcoming them to Sesame Street. The cast introduces themselves and share some information on their roles, jobs and personalities. The skit showcases the early character interplay and relationships as well as the early character traits and roles of each character.


The Sesame Street Theme music begins, and the sounds of the neighborhood can be heard, as the characters are talking.
Big Bird Hey, Susan! I'm gonna sing a song!
Bob Hey, hey, let's do that duet together, Susan.
Gordon Hey, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait a minute!
Oscar What is it?
Gordon Wait a minute, Oscar! Here we are on a Sesame Street record, but all those people out there listening may not know who we are! So how about introducing ourselves? Bob, why don't you start?
Bob All right. Well, I'm Bob, and I'm a shop teacher at school. I live at 123 Sesame Street, upstairs from Gordon and Susan!
Susan Right!
Gordon Right! And I'm Gordon, you see, and I teach school with Bob, and Susan is my wife!
Susan That's right, and you know I just came home from my job as a nurse. And in a few minutes, I'm gonna run upstairs and change my uniform.
Big Bird Hey, Susan, if you're a nurse, can you take care of me if I hurt myself?
Susan Oh, sure I can, Big Bird!
Big Bird Well, that's good, because I'm so big and clumsy, I'm always bumping into things! And I might just hurt myself!
Susan That's true.
Oscar You sure are clumsy, Big Bird! But that's okay, 'cause grouches like me like seeing clumsy people bump into things! Watching people bump into things is almost as much fun as having a spinach sundae, with chocolate syrup and pickles on top at Mr. Hooper's candy store!
Everybody Oh, Oscar!
Mr. Hooper Well, you're welcome at my candy store any time, Oscar! But wouldn't you rather have an ice cream sundae?
Oscar Ice cream?! Mr. Hooper! Grouches hate ice cream!
Mr. Hooper Well, I'll tell you what: Why doesn't everybody come down to my store for some ice cream on the house? And I'll try to round up some spinach, chocolate syrup and pickles for Oscar, okay?
Oscar Okay, yeah!
Gordon Well, that sounds like an offer that would be hard for anybody to turn down! So let's go, everybody! Down to Mr. Hooper's!
Everybody starts talking and walking down the street, as the music fades out.
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