Jim Henson with Henk and Ans Boerwinkel in 1984.

Henk Boerwinkel is a Dutch puppeteer. Along with his wife Ans Boerwinkel, he was featured in an episode of Jim Henson Presents: The World of Puppetry.

Jim’s trip to Meppel, Holland in May 1984 with his younger son John marked the beginning of production of an episode featuring Dutch performers Henk and Ans Boerwinkel and their Figurentheater Triangel, produced in collaboration with KRO TV. The Boerwinkel’s work emphasized the visual and was related to themes of magical realism, integrating lighting and sound to create poetic moods. Using a combination of masks, marionettes, rod and hand puppets, their programs were full of surprising effects. By devoting a full episode to the Boerwinkels, Jim was able to discuss their craft with them in depth and still had time to showcase some extended samples of their performances.[1]

The episode's home video release describes his appearance: "Among the topics discussed are the couple's creative collaboration, the darker symbolic elements in their work, the ambiguous nature of their creations, and the technical aspects involved in their work."


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