PERFORMER Martin P. Robinson
DEBUT 1993

Henny Drummschtick is a rooster comedian that appears in Episode 3139 of Sesame Street.

Susan and Gordon are staying at the Furry Arms Hotel, and Humphrey and Ingrid leave Susan in charge of the front desk. While they're away, Henny arrives and explains that he was hired to entertain the chickens in the hotel lounge. He gives Susan a taste of one of his big jokes: an explanation of how corn is eaten by chickens and becomes an egg. The joke doesn't make Susan laugh, but the rest of the animals go into side-splitting hysterics.

The character resurfaced (minus the hair piece) years later in a pair of bumper segments from season 31. He is seen telling chicken jokes that bomb, before getting yanked offstage by a hook.

Henny is a parody of comedian Henny Youngman.


  • Henny's card literally reads "Henny Drummschtick: Comedy dat neva lays an egg", reflecting on the way Henny speaks.
  • Henny claims that he's available for any occasion -- except roasts.
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