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3682 Henny Penny

Episode 3682

4263 Henny Penny

Episode 4263

Henny Penny, sometimes known as Chicken Little, is a European folk tale about a chicken who tries to warn his companions that the world is coming to an end by proclaiming that "the sky is falling!" Modern versions of the story include a 1943 animated short produced by The Walt Disney Company, an adaptation in the HBO animated series Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child (with Sharon Stone, Henry Kissinger, and Jesse Jackson), and Disney's feature length computer-animated film in 2005 (with Zach Braff).


  • Count von Count's telling of "Sir Count-A-Lot and His Round Table" in Episode 3682 features a knight named Sir Argues-With-Chickens in a heated debate with a chicken who claims that the sky is falling.
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