Baby monster brother

Calvin utters his first word at the park, "En-wee."

Henry is Big Bird's friend, and the central character of the book My Baby Brother Is a Little Monster.

When Big Bird asks Henry to go to the park to play baseball, they are delayed by Henry's baby brother Calvin. As they wait for Henry's mom to get Calvin ready for the park, Henry begins to get more and more frustrated by his brother's antics. He knocks over the blocks that Big Bird and he were playing with, and he pulls at Henry's fur.

When he reaches his breaking point, Henry breaks down and cries, wishing that he didn't have a little brother because he messes up his toys and make dumb baby noises and throws food around. His mother comforts the monster and assures him that Calvin is lucky to have such a fantastic big brother.

When the quartet finally head out to the park, it is Big Bird who notices that Calvin has spoken, saying "En-wee," his brother's name.