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DEBUT 2004

Herbivore "Herb" the Plant Eater is an orange Brontosaurus that appears on Sesame Street.

He debuted as a nameless dino in the "Dinosaurs" installment of Elmo's World. The dinosaur reappeared in an Ernie and Bert sketch alongside Bert as the product of his imagination.

In Season 37, Herb was featured as the main character in Episode 4113 (when he gained his name and back-story). It is revealed that Herb is the only dinosaur left except, of course, for his cousin Shirley. While on Sesame Street, he meets many new people and learns something new from each and every one of them. Herb becomes good friends with Slimey.

Herb is seen only from the neck up, and his large stature is achieved by placing the puppet closer to the camera frame than other characters (sometimes aided with chroma key compositing). In one Word of the Day segment with Ice Cube (from Season 45), Herb appears from a magic hat as a baby dinosaur, showing the puppet in its actual size.

The puppet has since been recycled as Mr. Dinofella for episode 137 of The Furchester Hotel, and for the YouTube video "The Wheels on the Bus" Remix #3 in 2021. For the latter appearance, the puppet was digitally recolored in purple (including his tongue), and was performed by Peter Linz.