Herbert Hoover (1874 - 1964) was the 31st President of the United States, serving his time in the White House from 1929 to 1933.


  • President Hoover was mentioned in a few Rowlf the Dog scenes on The Jimmy Dean Show. In one appearance (November 21, 1963), Rowlf writes a love letter to Lassie, requesting she send an autograph picture, which he claims will sit next to his picture of Hoover. In a later sketch (January 16, 1964), Rowlf takes up jazz. When Jimmy Dean suggests he himself play some jazz on the show, Rowlf quips, "Jimmy Dean in a hip combo? Is Herbert Hoover in the Rat Pack?"
  • In Episode 0923 of Sesame Street, Cookie Monster begins a campaign for President. At his first campaign luncheon, he promises "a cookie in every pot and two cookies in every garage," referencing the slogan associated with Hoover's campaign.
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