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Fozzie entertains a bunch of cows.

Herd of cows tms322

The Muppet Show episode 322.

A herd of cows is what one calls a large grouping of cows.

Frequently, the pun of "herd" and "heard" has been used by the Muppets in several productions, mainly pertaining to cows, but also referring to other groupings of animals as well. The typical exchange is as follows:

[Character refers to a bunch of cows]

Not a bunch, herd.

Heard of what?

Herd of cows.

Of course I've heard of cows.

No, the cow's herd.

I don't care what the cow heard!

Uses of joke

  • In a Global Grover segment, Grover and Fred the Wonder Horse watch a film about cow herding. Following the film, Grover asks Fred if he's ever herd a cow before. They hear a nearby moo and Fred replies, "I heard one now."
  • The Muppets episode "Walk the Swine" has Fozzie trying to set up the joke (using a "heard of buffalo") to an unreceptive audience.
  • In Episode 4603 of Sesame Street, safari tour leader Grover says he, Elmo and a monkey passenger can pretend to be a herd of elephants. "Of course Elmo's heard of elephants," Elmo replies.