Written by Joe Raposo and Jeff Moss
Date 1969
Publisher Jonico Music Co.
Festival Attractions Inc.
First Episode 0040

"Here Are Some Things" (also referred to as the "Selection Song")[1] is one of the sorting songs used on Sesame Street, where the viewer (and others) are asked to identify an item that belongs in a group of other items.


Picture Singer First Appearance Subjects
Susan Episode 0040 fruit
Susan Episode 0054 shapes
Ernie Episode 0192 plates of cookies
0256 04
Maria (Carla Pinza) Episode 0256 plates of food
0295 09
Susan Episode 0295 groups of boats, people, houses, bottles, and chickens
0316 sorting
Bob and Luis Episode 0316 Furniture (in English) and Clothing (in Spanish)
0394 03
Maria Episode 0394 Round items (in Spanish)
0456 06
Gordon Episode 0456 snowflakes
Luis Episode 0471 horses
Gordon Episode 0479 chairs and a lamp
0493 Here Are Some Things
Luis Episode 0493 shapes
0578 02
Oscar and Gordon Episode 0578 desserts
0664 05
Prince Charming and Maria Episode 0664 slippers
0671 02
David and Simon Soundman Episode 0671 modes of transportation and a piano
0702 04
Bob and John-John Episode 0702 trucks and a bus
0802 05a
Gordon and Bob Episode 0802 sewing items and a stick of butter
0834 Here Are Some Things
Bob and David Episode 0834 jars of marbles
Bob and Gordon Episode 0871 chairs and a table
Maria Episode 0903 big and small balls
0914 04
Gordon Episode 0914 blob-like shapes
Gladys the Cow Episode 0926 Sizes of music books
Maria Episode 0951 Letter Vs and a W
Biff Episode 1863 Food and tools
Uncle Wally Episode 2045 carrots, hats, stickers and an elephant
Professor Huggins Episode 2952 stuffed animals
Angela, Telly, and Rosita Episode 3230 shapes
Big Bird, Gabi, and Wolfgang the Seal Episode 3405 gloves and a mitten

Shoeprint animations

A series of animated segments from season 4 featured an instrumental of the song over visuals of shoeprints.

Audio Releases


  1. BMI Work #1886025

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