Here to There Fraggle Rock
Songs from Fraggle Rock
Released September 5, 2014
Format digital download
Label Beta Petrol/Jim Henson Company
Cat no.

Here to There is a 2014 digital album that features covers of Fraggle Rock songs by indie rock artists. The album was released by the Jim Henson Company as part of the show's 30th anniversary.

Track listing

  1. "I'm Gonna Be a Star" - Juiceboxxx
  2. "The Friendship Song" - The Boys and Girls
  3. "Let Me Be Your Song" - Systems Officer
  4. "Petals of a Rose" - FAWNN
  5. "Do It on My Own" - Deradoorian
  6. "The Wind, Pond, Moon and Me" - Cameron Jones
  7. "Pass It On" - The Deadly Warhols
  8. "Dance Your Cares Away" - Vivian Girls
  9. "Here to There" - Optiganally Yours
  10. "Why" - PC Worship
  11. "I'm Never Alone" - Greg Fox
  12. "I've Seen Troubles (Pain and Woe)" - Blinker the Star
  13. "Feel So Bad" - Na>ur
  14. "The Joke Isn't Funny Anymore" - Marriage + Cancer
  15. "I've Seen Troubles" - The Bangkok Five
  16. "Walkin Talkin Breathin Ball of Fire" - Thavius Bleck
  17. "Shine On" - White Fence
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