Moby the whale


Herman Melville (1819 – 1891) was an American novelist, short story writer, essayist and poet. His longest novel, Moby-Dick, won recognition in the 20th century as one of the chief literary masterpieces of both American and world literature. Other notable works include the short story "Bartleby, the Scrivener" and his final novel Billy Budd.


  • Miss Piggy's postcard to Mandy Lifeboats in the booklet for the 1984 video game Welcome Aboard was sent using Herman Melville postage, which was a real 20¢ stamp that year.
  • Ed Grimley's pet goldfish Moby may be named in a reference to Moby-Dick.
  • In the "Elmo the Musical" segment "Sea Captain the Musical," Elmo and his chicken crew sail the ocean, looking for the great, pink whale, Moby Pink.


  • F. Murray Abraham played Ishmael in Moby Dick (2000, BBC Radio)
  • Thomas Allen played Billy Budd in the opera version (stage and 1988 TV version)
  • Sean Barrett played Stubb in Moby Dick (1987, BBC Radio)
  • Richard Griffiths read Moby Dick (2001, BBC Radio serial)
  • Ethan Hawke played Starbuck in Moby Dick (2011, TV)
  • Ian Holm played the lawyer in Bartleby the Scrievener (2004, BBC Radio)
  • William Hurt played Captain Ahab in Moby Dick (2011, TV)
  • Gordon Jackson played a Young Actor/Ishmael in Moby Dick (1955, West End Stage)
  • Simon Jones played Captain Boomer in Moby Dick (2000, BBC Radio)
  • John McEnery played Bartleby in Bartleby (1970 film)
  • Paul Scofield played the accountant in Bartleby (1970 film) and Captain Vere in Billy Budd' (2000, BBC Radio)
  • William Shatner played the title character in "Billy Budd" on Encounter (1955, TV)
  • Bruce Spence played Elijah in Moby Dick (1998, TV)
  • Patrick Stewart played Captain Ahab in Moby Dick (1998, TV)
  • Peter Ustinov directed, co-wrote the screenplay, and played Captain Vere in Billy Budd (1962 film)
  • Fritz Weaver played Ahab in Moby Dick (2000, BBC Radio)
  • Hugh Webster played an Actor with a Newspaper/Stubb in Moby Dick (1962, Broadway)
  • Orson Welles played Captain Ahab in "Moby Dick" on The Mercury Summer Theater (1946, radio) adapted, directed and played the Actor-Manager/Captain Ahab/Father Mapple in Moby Dick (1955, West End stage and an unaired TV version) and Father Mapple in the 1956 film
  • Louis Zorich played a Middle-Aged Actor/Tashtego and understudied the carpenter and Flask in Moby Dick (1962, Broadway)
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