The evolution of Herry Monster.

Image As seen in / Year Notes
Herry 1
Sesame Street
Season 2
The first Herry puppet debuts in episode 0131, the Season 2 premiere. This puppet has a hairy blue nose that is sometimes hard to distinguish from the rest of his face, and also has no tongue.
Herry 2
Sesame Street
Season 2
Herry is rebuilt with a smooth blue nose. He also has a tongue.
Sesame Street
Season 3
In Season 3, Herry's nose color changes from blue to purple. The puppet has a fuller, bushier eyebrow, with a mechanism allowing it to move up and down.
Sesame Street
Season 10
The design is similar to the previous puppet with some minor changes; the most evident being a slightly thinner eyebrow and nose, both of which will continue to morph and decrease in size over the next couple of decades.
Sesame Street
Season 18
Herry's nose now connects to the tip of his brow (which is evident when it’s fully raised), filling the gap in-between. Because of this, his nose is now somewhat tear-drop shaped.
Sesame Street
Season 20
Herry is resculpted with a more cheerful expression and a different head shape, resulting in a smaller mouth and a shorter eyebrow. His nose has also gotten shorter, while his fur is longer, shaggier, and a more vibrant blue.

This version of Herry was previously used as his father in "Herry's Family Song" and was also seen in Elmo's World: Happy Holidays!, several Macy's Parades and in Episode 4206.

Sesame Street
Season 28
This Herry puppet (seen in "Up and Down") has a less-rounded head than the previous, with wilder fur on his face, eyebrow that extends beyond his eyes, a larger nose, and a mouth that does not open and close as widely as the previous.
Sesame Street
Season 29
Herry is modified with a head shape resembling the 70’s puppet and a less-obstructed mouth. His eyebrow is at its thinnest.
2017 Peter Linz Herry
A new Herry Monster puppet is constructed, with a much thicker nose, slimmer head, and a lower jaw sculpted to fit against his over hanging nose. The puppet has a raised forehead to allow for the eyebrow mechanism to return. The eyebrow itself is returned to a thickness that hasn't been seen since the '80s.
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