Kookboek 1
Written by Hilde van Oostrum (with advice from Johannes van Dam)
Published 1985
Publisher Meulenhoff
ISBN 9029096551

Het Koekie Monster Kookboek (The Cookie Monster Cookbook) is a 1985 Sesamstraat cookbook for children featuring Koekie Monster (as the Dutch call Cookie Monster).

The cookbook consists of material from the Sesame Street Finding Out Encyclopedia book series from Australia. All the different Cookie Monster recipes from the encyclopedia are collected here, as well as some other activities.


  • Recipe: Grover's green hair (watercress egghead)
  • Recipe: Cookie Monster's watercress and egg sandwich
  • The Count counts his groceries
  • Recipe: Magic Fruit Salad
  • Recipe: Popsicles
  • Recipe: Cornflake chocolate clusters
  • Recipe: Nut ice cream
  •  Recipe: Minty mice
  •  Recipe: Cracker Shapes
  • Recipe: Yoghurt Cheese Dip
  • Recipe: Choco-mint-milkshake
  • Comic: Guy Smiley presents the Empty and Full Game with Cookie Monster
  • Having fun with eggs and potatoes
  • Recipe: Dog and Bone Biscuits
  • Recipe: Lion tamer's lunch
  • The Count counts a ladybug's spots
  • Ernie makes an insect out of vegetables
  • Recipe: Cookie Ants
  • Ant maze: which ant reaches the queen?
  • Recipe: Honey cookies
  • Recipe: Picnic Sandwiches
  • Recipe: Crunchy Picnic Bars