Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1996
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. CD16173

This soundtrack album for Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, was produced by Weton-Wesgram in 1996.

Het Sesamstraat Liedjescircus (The Sesamstraat Song Circus) features songs from the show. All the songs are American songs dubbed to Dutch, and never released before.

Most of these songs are from animated segments, with only a few Muppet songs.


  1. Alfabet (Alphabet)
  2. Meer Of Minder (I Love You More Or Less)
  3. Tellen Van 1 Tot 40 (40 Lemmings)
  4. W
  5. Hier En Daar (Here And There) - Polly Darton
  6. Antartica
  7. Geluiden In De Lucht (Sounds In The Air) - Elmo
  8. Alles Wordt Steeds Anders (Everything Is Changing) - Hoots
  9. Spelen In De Badkuip (Playing In The Bathtub)
  10. Geen Afval Op De Grond (No Trash On The Ground) - Ronnie Trash
  11. Zwart (Black)
  12. Recycle
  13. Een Schitterend Feestje (A Marvelous Party)
  14. Tellen Tot 10 (Count To 10)
  15. Dans Traag En Snel (Dance Fast And Slow)
  16. Een Keer Is Niet Veel (Once Is Not Enough)



  • This album and De Dansende Schoenen are the only albums without a Sesame Street-related picture on the cover.

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