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DEBUT 1977

Hetty Muskrat is a friend of Alice Otter in Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas. She drops in from time to time to use her own spinning wheel (which Alice keeps borrowing). She repeatedly encourages Alice to enter the town talent contest, although once the Otter family matriarch has hocked Pa's tool chest, she expresses doubts.

The book version of Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas mentions that Harvey is Hetty's son. This relationship is never shown in the Henson adaptations, and Harvey appears to be depicted as a beaver in both the special and stage versions, while Charlie seems to be a muskrat rather than a beaver as he is in the book. It is unclear if this translates into Charlie being Hetty's son.

Stage versions[]


The Hetty Muskrat puppet built for the 2023 Chicago production.

  • For the 2023 Chicago production at the Studebaker Theatre, Hetty was a puppet character built by Rollie Krewson, based on the design from the special. The puppeteer was David Stephens while her voice was provided by Emily Rohm.[1]


  1. ↑ Post on David Stephens' Instagram (@allhandsproductions): "In past productions of the stage version of "Emmet," Hetty Muskrat was portrayed as an actor in costume. This year, she took puppet form (built by @rollinlouisekrewson), fashioned after the puppet in the television special. I provide the physical performance while @emilyrohm provides her voice from the wings for each show."