Songs from Sesamstraat
Released 1996
Format CD
Label WSP
Cat no. CD16177

Hiep Hiep Hoera (Hip Hip Hooray) is a birthday-based album full of original songs and sketches by Bert and Ernie.

This soundtrack album for Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street, was released by Weton Wesgram in 1996. The album was also released on cassette.

This is the tenth and final Bert and Ernie album for which Paul Haenen and Wim T. Schippers wrote their own material.


Bert and Ernie explain how they both like different things. Bert likes reading and sleeping: Ernie would rather play games and sing songs. Ernie walks away to the store right in the middle of his quiet song. He joins Bert in their newest song about thunder. Ernie and Bert wish all the birthday kids who are listening to the album a happy birthday with a few fun birthday songs. Bert recalls one sad year he didn't tell anybody about his birthday, because he would rather finish his book. Luckily, on his next birthday, Ernie and Uncle Rudolf sang a beautiful duet.

After all the birthday talk, there's a song in gibberish; Ernie sings Bert a lullaby; Bert remembers when Ernie went away to Summer Camp; and Ernie imagines how angry he would be if Bert would fly away with a group of pigeons. Bert and Ernie can't seem to agree on the name of their next song: was it "Winterduet" or "Snow Song"? Ernie practices his trumpet playing too loudly. When Bert sends him outside, Ernie meets Uncle Rudolf and his old Dixieland band. Bert and Ernie get to play along with them.

Track listing

  1. Song: Hoe Heet Je (What's Your Name)
  2. Sketch: Wat Doe Je Het Liefst (What's Your Favorite Thing To Do)
  3. Song: Rustig Liedje (Quiet Song)
  4. Sketch: Waar Ben Je (Where Are You)
  5. Song: Wat Een Gedonder (What A Thunder)
  6. Sketch: Wel Gefeliciteerd (Congratulations)
  7. Song: Ja Ja Ja Jarig (Yeah Yeah Yeah Birthday)
  8. Sketch: Nog Niet Jarig (Not Yet Your Birthday)
  9. Song: Hiep Hiep Hiep Hoera (Hip Hip Hip Hooray)
  10. Sketch: De Hele Dag Jarig (Birthday For The Whole Day)
  11. Song: Niemand Weet Dat Ik Jarig Ben (Nobody Knows It's My Birthday)
  12. Sketch: Conclusie (Conclusion)
  13. Song: Een Mooie Feestdag (A Wonderful Party Day)
  14. Sketch: Luister Goed (Listen Carefully)
  15. Song: Kneuterdijkse Rimram (Kneuterdyke Rimram)
  16. Sketch: Waarom (Why)
  17. Song: Lekker Slapen (Take A Nice Nap)
  18. Sketch: Wakker Worden (Wake Up)
  19. Song: Bert Voelt Zich Alleen (Bert Feels Alone)
  20. Sketch: Nooit Alleen (Never Alone)
  21. Song: Ik Zie Duiven Vliegen (I See Pigeons Fly)
  22. Sketch: Hoe Heet Het (What's It Called)
  23. Song: Winterduet
  24. Sketch: Goed Oefenen (Practicing)
  25. Song: Oom Rudolf's Dixielandband (Uncle Rudolf's Dixielandband)


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