PERFORMER Robert Westenberg
DEBUT 1996

High Elder Prissy is the chief elder of the Nertron Galactic Federation, as seen in the Aliens in the Family episode "Respect Your Elders." He serves as de-facto leader of the aliens' home planet until such time as Emperor Bobut can assume the throne. Prissy is concerned about the Emperor's upbringing, and visits Earth to inspect his home and family.

Dissatisfied with Bobut's education, Prissy puts Doug Brody through a series of tests to become a Nertronian warrior and thus a suitable caregiver for Bobut. When Doug refuses and insists that he take care of his stepson, the pair duel. Doug wins when he opens an overcrowded closet door on Prissy. The High Elder concedes and returns to Nertron, reporting that Bobut is in good hands and wielding a powerful new weapon (a golf club).