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"High 12"

High Noon is a 1952 Western film starring Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, in which a marshal faces a confrontation at noon and finds the cowardly townsfolk have all deserted him. Meanwhile, his new bride waits for him. The movie's theme song, "Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling," won the Academy Award for best song. The film itself has become one of the most iconic Westerns and ripe for parody and referencing.


  • "High 12," another Sesame skit, is a more elaborate parody of the film, with Forgetful Jones in a costume similar to Gary Cooper's, waiting at the train station for a perceived adversary. The clock chimes are counted off until they number 12, signaling high noon. Buster the Horse sings a variation of "Do Not Forget Me O My Darling," and Clementine waits anxiously in a bridal dress, on what should have been their wedding day.
  • In the Elmo's World episode "Eyes," the Eyes Channel advises viewers to stay tuned for "Eye Noon."

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