High School Mayhem

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High School Musical is a Disney Channel franchise launched as a TV-movie in 2006, which spawned a TV-movie sequel in 2007, a theatrical film sequel in 2008, a reality show, a stage version, and a successful line of merchandise, among other spin-offs.

A minor mention is made in High School Musical 3, the theatrically released film. After Jimmy "The Rocket" Zara introduces himself to Sharpay, she responds, "Jimmy the Rocket? What are you, some kind of Muppet gangster?"


  • Sesame Street Episode 4165 features a parody called "Pre-School Musical" all about getting along at pre-school. Although the song is not a direct spoof of a tune from the movie, it resembles the style of music used in the movie, and the Muppets used in the sketch resemble the cast members from the films. The sketch ends with a jab at the seemingly endless merchandising of the franchise as an announcer rattles off a list of spin-offs.
  • The 2008 Disney Channel special Studio DC Hosted by Dylan and Cole Sprouse features a recreation of the "Bop to the Top" number featuring Kermit the Frog and Ashley Tisdale. Miss Piggy, believing that the duet was supposed to be between her and Zac Efron rather than Tisdale and Kermit, interrupts the performance, angering both Kermit and Tisdale (whom Piggy calls "Sharpay," referring to her character in the movie). Kermit attempts to patch things up between Piggy and Tisdale by making a number of jokes relating to the titles of various songs from High School Musical (which neither of them get), but the two eventually make up on their own accord and leave a befuddled Kermit behind.


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