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Hill Street Blues was a television drama which aired on NBC from 1981 to 1987. The series chronicled the lives of police officers in an unnamed city's police precinct. The show received a total of 98 Emmy Awards, and was surpassed only by The West Wing in the number of Emmys won by a series in its first season.

It's theme song was chosen by TV Guide as one of the 50 All-Time Favorite TV Themes, and the character of Mick Belker was chosen as number 54 in Bravo's list of the 100 Greatest TV Characters.


  • In the season 3 episode "Santaclaustraphobia," a Cookie Monster plush is seen in the background on a vending machine.


  • In a Sesame Street sketch, the series was parodied as "Hill Street Twos." The spoof featured Grover and Ernie as police officers in a precinct where the sergeant is having difficulty getting the force to split into pairs of two. (First: Episode 2359)


  • Rosalind Cash played Leona Cleveland in "Hacked to Pieces" (1985)
  • François Chau played a gang leader in "A Pound of Flesh" (1987)
  • Edouard DeSoto played a store patron in "Here's Adventure, Here's Romance" (1983) and a merchant in "Death by Kiki" (1983)
  • Dennis Franz played Detective Sal Bendatto (five episodes, 1983) and Lt. Norman Buntz (regular, 1985-1987)
  • Panchito Gomez played Hector Ruiz (1981-1983)
  • Frances McDormand played Connie Chapman (six episodes, 1983)
  • Ilka Tanya Payan played Teresa in "Choice Cut" (1981)
  • Reni Santoni played John Pescator in "Blues for Mr. Green" (1984) and Danny Santana (three episodes, 1986)
  • Jeffrey Tambor played Judge Alan Wachtel

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