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DEBUT 1969

A nameless bearded hippie character appeared during the first season of Sesame Street, often accompanied by other Anything Muppet hippies.

The character was performed by Jim Henson in most instances, but Frank Oz performed him in "Good Morning Starshine," and Caroll Spinney performed him in a skit where Kermit the Frog gives a lecture on hair.

The character was usually seen in inserts, but he appeared in a street scene in Episode 0006 as the father to a reddish-magenta boy, performing the song "Brotherhood of Man" with a family of Anything Muppets. He was also seen in some early season closings, holding up the Sesame Street and CTW signs.

The puppet is reworked from the early Grump (used in The Ed Sullivan Show sketches and the Sesame Street Pitch Reel), dressed in a shaggy brown beard and a pair of glasses. In some skits, his glasses were replaced with eyes.


Picture Theme / First Description
"Good Morning Starshine"
Episode 0003
Bob sings "Good Morning Starshine" to a Reddish-Magenta Anything Muppet girl, then is joined by a group of hippies.
"Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"
Episode 0003
A little Anything Muppet girl begins to sing "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" until a rowdy group of hippies (led by the bearded hippie) come in on the chorus.
β€Ž"Yellow Submarine"
Episode 0017
Bob dresses up three Anything Muppets (Fat Blue, Pumpkin, and Purple), who scoot off to their submarine and sing "Yellow Submarine", where they party with other Muppets (including the hippie, Beautiful Day Monster, and Cookie Monster).
Kermit's hair lecture
Episode 0028
Kermit gives out a lecture about hair, and the hippie shows off his beard as an example.
"Before and After"
Episode 0047
As a part of "Silly Song Time," the hippie leads a group of wild Anything Muppets in a song about the opposites.
Backward and Foward Lecture
Episode 0069
The hippie is among a group of wild background Muppets (including the original Grover) who assist a Hot Pink AM boy in demonstrating "backward" and "forward." The hippie "awws" when the boy calls for no more.
First and Last
Episode 0116
The hippie leads a group of monsters (all previously seen on The Ed Sullivan Show) in a game where they march in a line and then switch direction.



  • A Fat Blue hippie with the same clothing and facial features who also appeared in the first season would eventually evolve into Big Jeffie.