Written by Louise Gikow
Illustrator Lauren Attinello
Published 1997
Publisher Golden Press
ISBN 0307988171

Ho-Ho-Ho, Baby Fozzie! is a 1997 Muppet Babies Little Golden Book featuring Baby Fozzie.

Fozzie is summoned to the North Pole by an elf. It seems Santa Claus has finally become overwhelmed by the pressures of his job, and a mounting fear that he'll be unable to fulfill the hopes and dreams of every child in the world. This in fact reinforces Fozzie's own paranoia about whether Santa could accomplish such an awesome task.

Since there are evidently no psychiatrists, self-help groups, or motivational speakers in the North Pole, the nameless female elf settled for Baby Fozzie, since Santa likes children. Fozzie tries to encourage St. Nick, who sits large and lumpen, tears trickling into his white beard. Reminding him he can do it if he'd just get a move on has no effect.

Inspiration strikes when Fozzie decides to tell Santa some jokes ("What's red and white and purple all over? Santa Grape!") Santa begins guffawing, belly shaking like a bowlful of jelly, and Fozzie remains by his side during the traditional aerial sleigh ride. Returned to the Nursery, all of the Muppet Babies get what they wanted for Christmas, including a new jokebook for Fozzie (one assumes the trip used up much of his material).

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