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PERFORMER Zach Galifianakis
DEBUT 2011

Hobo Joe is a human character featured in The Muppets. He is the only person in the audience as the Muppets begin their Telethon to save The Muppet Theatre. Kermit overlooks him when pointing out that no one is in the audience; Hobo Joe resents the slight, points out that he's someone, and calls for the show to start.

During the show's opening theme song, he sings the line "Why don't you get things started?" in a female soprano voice (dubbed by Joanna Newsom). Later on, he serves as an usher of sorts, offering to show audience members where their seats are for five dollars (once he receives the money, he says "They're somewhere up there.")

Joe returned in Muppets Most Wanted to observe the wedding between Miss Piggy and Kermit (actually Constantine), along with some of his hobo friends. He gladly proclaims that it is the best Muppet wedding he's ever seen. Hobo Joe was also featured in deleted scenes from the film observing the performances of the Muppets' world tour shows. Joe has the distinction of being the only human character in a Muppet film whose actor reprises his role in a subsequent film.