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Hokey Pokey Elmo is an interactive plush toy produced by Fisher-Price in 2003. In 2004, Fisher-Price made a line of three Mini Hokey Pokey toys, with Ernie and Cookie Monster joining Elmo in the dance.

The original toy was reissued in 2010, with a label on the box marking it as a "Classic Edition".


  • Squeeze Elmo's left hand, Elmo will switch between hand/foot and arm/leg in between dances. He puts his left hand in and out and his right foot, but when he "shakes it all about" his upper body shakes. In the Mini versions, they do them on two different presses of the hand, not full song like the original.
  • Elmo can turn himself around in a 360 degree circle thanks to a disc with grips on the bottom of his left foot connected from a metal rod to a gear. The disc also has screws for the battery compartment (4 AA).
  • Elmo has a tilt sensor. When he falls over, he says "Whoopsy! Haha! Can you help Elmo up, please?" and then "Thank you!" once picked up.
  • When done dancing, Elmo says "That was fun! Bye-bye!", and automatically turns off to preserve battery life. If his right hand is squeezed again, Elmo will say "That was fun. Elmo's pooped. Bye bye!"

International versions

An Indian version of "Hokey Pokey Elmo" was produced by Fisher-Price in 2007, the first Hindi-speaking Sesame Street toy. Fisher-Price also released plush toys of Bharat (Bert), Ernie and Biscuit Badshah (Cookie Monster).[1]

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