The Electric Mayhem Bus drives by the Hollywood sign in The Muppet Movie.

Grouch race

The Annual Grouch Picnic hosts contestants from all over, including Hollywood's Sunset Strip.


Hollywood is a neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, known as the center of the film industry, both in the United States and worldwide. Of the Muppet/Henson productions that were not either ITC Entertainment programs, Sesame Street, or Fraggle Rock, most of them have been made in association with the major studios that are seen to be part of Hollywood, although few of them are actually located within the neighborhood.

The Jim Henson Company is based in Hollywood.

  • A Grouch from the Sunset Strip (a mile and a half stretch of Sunset Blvd which runs from Hollywood to West Hollywood) attends the Annual Grouch Picnic in The Sesame Street Dictionary.
  • In the opening of The Muppets, Gary and Mary hold up their matching lists of things to do while in LA. The lists say:

Mary and Gary's Los Angeles Adventure:

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