Holy Mackerel

A Holy exclamation, such as "Holy cow!", is an exclamation of surprise or disbelief prefixed with the word "Holy". The idiom derives from a minced oath or euphemism for more profane or blasphemous exclamations. Frequent variations uttered by the Muppets include such exclamations as "Holy maracas," "Holy guacamole" and "Holy mackerel."

Robin of the Batman television series is noted for his catchphrase of overly-used "Holy" exclamations.

Below is a list of instances in which the Muppets have used the line, or something similar with the same meaning.

The Muppet Show

  • Miss Piggy says "Holy guacamole!" when she sees a giant chicken in episode 419.
  • Miss Piggy says "Holy guacamole!" when Buddy suddenly chops a plank in half with his elbow in episode 522.

Sesame Street

  • In one sketch, Ernie looks out the window and exclaims "Holy cow!", telling Bert he sees an elephant on Sesame Street.

Muppets Tonight



  • Pepe reacted to the announcement of The Muppets television series in 2015 by starting his tweet off with an excited "Holy frijoles!!" (Tweet)
  • Fozzie Bear joked about the origins of the expression "Holy cow" in September 2015, tweeting: "The other day, I saw a priest blessing a cow. I guess that's where the expression 'Holy cow!' comes from! Ahhhh! #WockaWocka!" (Tweet)
  • A September 2016 tweet from Gonzo reads: "Holy cow!! I slept for 14 hours last night! That's what happens when my latest stunt is breaking the record for counting the most sheep." (Tweet)
  • Miss Piggy tweeted in April 2017 that "Your outfits should always make a statement... and hopefully that statement is not "Holy maracas, why would you ever wear that?!?!"" (Tweet)
  • In an April 2018 tweet, Rizzo the Rat wrote: "Holy Havarti! Today is #NationalCaramelDay AND #NationalDeepDishPizzaDay!! Talk about a delicious dream come true. Just don’t mix ‘em together." (Tweet)

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