"Home Run on the Range" is a Sesame Street story as read by Gordon to a group of kids. It tells the story of a famous cowboy baseball game, which is tied five to five, the Cowboys vs. the Visitors. The fans, including Clementine and Buster the Horse, are cheering excitedly, until they see who's coming up to the plate to bat. None other than Forgetful Jones, and he doesn't remember what he's supposed to hit the ball with, except to say that it rhymes with 'at'. He tries first his hat and then his sleeping mat, neither of which work. Then, thanks to the hints thrown at him by the crowd, he realizes he's supposed to use a bat. He takes it and hits a home run! Victory for the cowboys, right? Wrong! Forgetful fails to remember he's supposed to run and begins singing and dancing ("Home run, home run on the range. Where the deer and the antelope play ... baseball."). (First: Episode 1964)



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