Music by Christopher Cerf
Lyrics by Tony Geiss
Date 1982
Publisher Ephemeral Music Company (ASCAP), Sesame Street, Inc. (ASCAP), Splotched Animal Music Company (BMI)
First Episode 1631

"Honk Around the Clock" is a Sesame Street song performed, in voice-over, by Christopher Cerf, as the Honkers (including Mr. Honker and Henrietta) honk their noses while dancing around a large clock. At the end, the Honkers dance off honking as the clock moves along with them, followed by a loud crash.

The song was performed by The Count and the Honkers in the Sesame Street Live show, Around the World.

The song's title is based on "Rock Around the Clock" by Bill Haley & his Comets. The music however resembles "Runaround Sue" by Dion & the Belmonts.


  • Performers in the song include Brian Muehl, Martin P. Robinson and Jerry Nelson.
  • On the "Count It Higher: Great Music Videos from Sesame Street" VHS, the video has MTV-style captions that refer to the album "Play Through the Nose", on the "Oogah Records" label; the lyrics were released on a songbook in the original release of the video.


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