The Honkers
DEBUT 1980
DESIGN Caroly Wilcox designer and builder

The Honkers are fuzzy creatures from Sesame Street who communicate by honking their bulbous noses. Conceptualised by Tony Geiss,[1] the Honkers made their debut in Season 12,[2] first appearing in Episode 1458.

Honkers come in a variety of colors, and baby Honkers are hatched from eggs. It is not known how closely related (if at all) the Honker species is to that of The Dingers, although there are similarities between the two. According to Episode 1674, Honkers are native to the Land of Honk and have their own flag (displaying a bulb-horn). The Land of Honk would be referenced again when introducing the Honker contestant on "Name That Sound!"

As the Honkers never speak, their performers vary, depending on puppeteer availability. In the feature film Follow That Bird, Tim Gosley performed the Honker who served as Oscar's car horn. That specific Honker puppet has been given different names several times. Another Honker whose name has been mentioned is Henrietta Honker, the small pink honker.

Most of the Honker puppets were constructed with only one arm, built for the puppeteer's left hand. This arm is directly connected to the front of the body, but on the television screen, it is barely noticeable due to the amount of fur and fabric on a Honker's body, and the framing of the puppet on-screen.

A few songs have focused on the Honkers and their unique talent, including "Honk Around the Clock" and "The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree". A list of Honker puppets used on the show:

Image Features Notes
Honker green
Fur: Green
Hair: Blue
Nose: Yellow-orange
Has been called Mr. Honker (in "Name That Sound"), Alphonse (in a "Next To" sketch), Murray Beethoven, Hildegard (in Episode 2595), Hank (in Elmo's Musical Monsterpiece), and Homer (most likely erroneously on page 63 of Jim Henson: The Works).
Green Honker with Red hair
Fur: Green
Hair: Red
Nose: Yellow-orange
Similar to above, but with red hair.

Episode 4204, 4818, 4821, 4902, 4911, Elmo's World: Noses, The Cookie Thief, Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration

Honker pink fur orange hair
Fur: Pink
Hair: Orange
Nose: Orange
Episode 1735, 1779, 1808, 1813, 2312, 2317, 2609, 2626, 2638, 3139, 3224, 3421, 3466, 3661, 3806, 3822, 3825, 3850, 3893, Elmo's World: Families, 3976, 4007, 4074, 4079, 4115, 4157, 4164, 4176, 4810, 4825, 4905, 4518, 4605, 4618, 4619, 4815, 4828, 4911, 4914, 4929, Let's Make Music, Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration
Honker purple fur and hair
Fur: Purple
Hair: Purple
Nose: Orange
Episode 1458, 1576, 1616, 1619, 1706, 1808, 2484, 2749, 2809, 2967, 2998, 3194, 3256, 3301, 3402, 3577, 3664, 3786, 4062, 4081, 4115, 4818, 4911, 4915
Honker orange
Fur: Orange
Hair: Orange
Nose: Red-orange
Episode 1458, 1576, 1616, 1619, 1706, Episode 1779, 1808, 1813, 1815, 2226, 2253, 2312, 2317, 2484, 2561, 2609, 2638, 3059, 3301, 3370, 3466, 3702, 3840, 3908, 4089, 4098, 4115, "Old MacDonald Cantata", Sing Yourself Silly!, Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration
Fur: Blue
Hair: Blue
Nose: Green
Episode 1576, 1616, 1619, 1706, 1735, 2626, 2638, 2795, 3301, Elmo's World: Families, 4074, The Best of Elmo, Let's Make Music

Fur: Turquoise
Hair: Primrose
Nose: Gold
Episode 1458, 1576, 2791, 2795, 3059, 3100, 3194, 3301, 3402, 3527, 3580, 3702, 3789, 3868, 3895, 3954, 4007, 4028, 4034, 4039, 4052, 4055, 4115, 4618, 4911, 4923, Kids' Favorite Songs 2, Elmo's World: Noses
Henrietta Honker
Fur: Pink
Hair: Pink
Nose: Yellow-orange
A baby Honker who was named Henrietta Honker in Episode 4074, also appearing in Episode 1616, 2179, 2226, 2645, 2927, 2982, 3194, 3224, 3301, 3402, 3492, 3840, 3854, Elmo's World: Families, Elmo's World: Noses, Episode 4417
Honker grandfather
Fur: Light blue
Hair: White
Nose: Light pink
Episode 4031, 4056, 4074, 4417, Elmo's World: Families, Sesame Street's 50th Anniversary Celebration



The Honkers make music with a Dinger, Ernie and Rubber Duckie.


A mother, a father, a baby and a grandfather Honker as seen in "Elmo's World: Families".


Target billboard in Times Square.


A Honker and Dinger in Big Bird's Favorite Party Games.

Performers of the Honkers have included Brian Muehl, Kathryn Mullen, and Cheryl Blaylock, all of whom did them in "The Honker-Duckie-Dinger Jamboree", and Pam Arciero and Jim Martin, who operated them in "Conga".

Despite being depicted on Sesame Street as non-vocal, in A Muppet Family Christmas, they are seen singing along with the rest of the crew during the musical numbers.


Book appearances


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