Honorary Muppets are the select individuals who have achieved a place in Muppet history as someone who has appeared in Muppet form, or been described by the Muppets as somewhat Muppet-like.

In 1986, Muppet Magazine published the first and only Honorary Muppet Awards. The honorees were awarded a special "Kermie" and photographed for the magazine.

Picture Name Production Notes
Goldie Hawn Pure Goldie Goldie Hawn is transformed into a Muppet right before Kermit's eyes.
Paul Williams The Muppet Show episode 108 Kermit introduces him, saying that "he's such a cute little fellow, we're going to make him an honorary Muppet."
Harvey Korman The Muppet Show episode 110 Kermit puts Harvey in a giant chicken suit when he complains about being the token person on the show.
Jaye P. Morgan The Muppet Show episode 218 She sings "Tweedle Dee" as a Muppet bird.
Elke Sommer The Muppet Show episode 319 She sings "Animal Crackers in My Soup" as a Bossmen-like Muppet when Kermit suggest she try doing the number the Muppet way.
Linda Lavin The Muppet Show episode 406 Linda Lavin asks Scooter, "Can you make me a sandwich?"
Robot Politician
Peter Ustinov The Muppet Show episode 112 Kermit tells Peter Ustinov that "anything can be a Muppet. In fact in this next sketch you are going to be a Muppet." Ustinov appears in a Muppet Labs sketch as the Robot Politician.
Bob Sesame Street Bob dresses up as a Muppet Grouch going by the name "Bob the Blob".
Robin Williams Muppet Magazine issue 14 Awarded the 1986 Honorary Muppet Award.
Dolly Parton Muppet Magazine issue 14 Awarded the 1986 Honorary Muppet Award.
Pee-Wee Herman Muppet Magazine issue 14 Awarded the 1986 Honorary Muppet Award.
Louie Anderson The Jim Henson Hour episode 101 Space Guy is transformed into Pink-a-boo, the most pinkaliciously wonderful person in the universe.
Don Rickles Muppets Tonight episode 205 Rickles dons a Kermit suit.
Jon Voight The Muppet Show Live Voight fills in for Henrietta in Gonzo's chicken chorus.
OKGo-Muppets (17)
OK Go The Muppet Show Theme Song music video The band takes on the role of puppets while Kermit, Fozzie, Gonzo and Animal puppeteer.
Jason Segel and Michelle DeFraites Movie Surfers Kermit the Frog dubs Jason and Michelle honorary Muppets during a Movie Surfers interview.
Cee Lo Green Cee Lo's Magic Moment Kermit the Frog asks the crowd "what do you think, should we make Cee Lo and honorary Muppet?" The crowd cheers and Miss Piggy says "yes, yes, I love it!" Cee Lo comments that he's "kinda like a big Muppet," and Kermit agrees.[1]
Ricky Gervais Muppets Most Wanted press interview In a publicity interview for Muppets Most Wanted, Kermit the Frog talks about working with Ricky Gervais, saying: "Ricky's a good guy, he's sort of like an honorary Muppet now." (YouTube)


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