Hoobs have a unique diet of Hooby food.

One of the many foods the Hoobs enjoy eating is that Hoobybun. This is a green bun on which they love to spread hoobygoop, a sweet sticky syrup.

The Hoobs also enjoy eating Hooboblubbers, a blancmange-like pudding.

A favorite drink among Hoobs is Hoobofizz. This fizzy beverage is made from hoobnips. Hoobnips are a large part of a Hoob's diet. Aside from being a key ingredient in Hoobofizz, this hooby vegetable finds its way into many a Hoob snack.

Hoobs like sandwiches, but they like their sandwiches nice and flat; they use a Hooby-sandwich-hammer, a special hammer used to whack cheese sandwiches, in order to achieve the perfect sandwich.

List of Hoob Food

  • Hooby puffs
  • Hoobo flakes
  • Hoobnips
  • Hoobo berries
  • Hoobnip tart
  • Hoobo cactus shake
  • Heeble berries
  • Heeble berry jelly
  • Hooby chips
  • Hooby cookies
  • Shoobage
  • Hooby scones
  • Hoobo blubbers
  • Hoob juice
  • Hoobo berry juice
  • Hoobnip crispies
  • Hoobofizz
  • Hooboblubbers
  • Hoobybuns