A set of four Hoobs Question Books were published in 2002 by Egmont Books. The 18-page hardcover books are full of questions posed by the Hoobs.

Official Description:

The Hoobs, Iver, Tula, Groove, Roma and Hubba Hubba are the latest characters from The Jim Henson Company. The Hoobs have come from Hoobland to learn all about life on earth. They travel around in their Hoobmobile, asking questions and reporting back everything they learn via the Hoobnet (Internet). The Hoobmobile is a magical vehicle, which runs on music provided by the Motorettes who live in the engine The Hoobs love to find out everything there is to know about tiddlypeeps and their world. Help them to find out the answers to lots of questions - like where milk comes from and what peeps use hats for (not growing flowers!) - in these four bright, chunky board books.