Hotdog TV is a series of one-minute interstitials shot fully on green screen featuring the hot dogs from the Henson Company stage show Stuffed and Unstrung, and originally from City Kids. The series ran on Cartoon Network in summer 2010.

The series was directed by Patrick Bristow, with help from Brian Henson early in the run. The series was written by Nate Knetchel.

Hotdog TV, or HDTV, stemmed from a sketch in Puppet Up! featuring the hot dogs.


Approximately 12 episodes were made.

  • Fiendish Footlong August 2nd 2010 (1:07) : a hot dog's quest to find the fabled fiendish footlong which he does which leads to a huge chase.
  • Truth Or Dare August 17th 2010
  • Argh! : Pirate sketch


Brian Henson, Allan Trautman, Victor Yerrid, Julianne Buescher, Michael Oosterom, Donna Kimball, Brian Clarke, Ted Michaels and Paul Rugg.

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